Eco-friendly coffee machine cleaning methods

William Naus, our Micro Business Development Manager and Coffee Guru has experience in the coffee industry for over 10 years. 

Ha-Ra® is proud to introduce you to 
Kalkex. This multi-purpose product is a natural descaler perfect for freeing calcium build-up and coffee residue in your coffee machine. Explore the many benefits of Kalkex:

1. It is a natural descaler made from 100% natural citric acid
2. It is developed from natural raw materials only 
3. It is odourless - no harsh chemical smell
4. It is 100% biodegradable
5. It dissolves easily and completely in water and is 100% concentrated
6. It is cheaper than chemical coffee machine descalers (1kg = $52) 
7. You can use it in conjunction with our professional fibre technology
8. Suitable to use in kettle, iron or other home appliances. 

We all know that the regular use of our coffee machine can leave a scale buildup which is unhygienic and reduces the machine's ability to produce a good drop. Keep it clean and safe with the natural Ha-Ra® Kalkex and these 5 easy steps: 

1. Insert filter basket with no holes and add the tip of a teaspoon of Kalkex into the basket. 
2. Insert the Portafilter into the Group Head of the machine and hit the continues poor button.
    Allow water to poor for 10 seconds and then stop, This will begin the process to backwash your machine. Let it sit for 10 - 30 seconds, this allows the descaler to work on the coffer inside the machine. 
3. Repeat 5-times 
4. After completing that process 5-times rinse out the basket and repeat 5 more times to clear out any of the 
Kalkex residue left in the machine. 

5. Now that the coffee machine has been successfully backwashed we recommend using our Viva Ultra Cloth and the Sapphire Cloth to clean the outside

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