The question is, "What are the best cleaning chemicals if you have a septic tank?"

Chemicals will throw off the bacterial balance inside the septic tank. This will create problems for the system such as clogging, groundwater pollution, and leech field malfunctions. It's best to opt in for ph-neutral, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly products as they are perfectly safe for use in septic systems. 

The Ha-Ra Care and Maintenance Products have been developed to work in tandem with the range of Ha-Ra cleaning fibres to provide a complete home and workplace cleaning system. All our products are ‘green’ – they’re non-toxic, environmentally safe, and manufactured from high quality natural materials. They’re extremely economical with long term use. 

1. Natural Laundry powder - Saponella 

Saponella is an extremely effective and economic two in one washing powder, which will not kill the "good" bacteria in your septic tank. It is non-pollutant and non-toxic. Manufactured from naturally occurring soapstone that is ground to a powder and combined with an extract from the 
Saponella plant. In the washing machine the low sudd powder holds the dirt in suspension so both dirt and powder are completely removed from the fabric. Unlike traditional washing powders that leave a residue on the fabric, Saponella is ideal for psoriasis sufferers, people with allergies and asthmatics. It is highly biodegradable. 

2. Ph-neutral Detergent - Protective Formula 

  • No Bleach 
  • Nitrate-and phosphate-free 
  • Preservative-free 
  • PH neutral 
  • Natural fragrances 

Made from vegetable extract and glisterine base, the Protective Formula is pH neutral. It will also protect your hands, the Ha-Ra fibres and surfaces maintaining their condition and leaving them shiny. It has other beneficial qualities. It breaks up fat and grease, replacing traditional detergents – it is extremely economical to use with just a couple of drops added to the water. The Protective Formula is preservative free, highly biodegradable and the perfect cleaning solution if you have a septic tank. Also available in a Rollfix for optimal usage in combination with our Window Cleaner. 

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