Get rid of the disposables in your life and replace them with long-lasting cleaning supplies.

We’ve all seen the pictures and videos. Our oceans are filling up with plastic. In fact, we are all responsible for over 8 million tonnes of it finding its way into the ocean. Plastics longevity started off as major plus point, but over time, it has become a huge problem. Plastic doesn’t actually break down, it only breaks up, and because it’s so useful, it’s been used to make so many products. However, Plastic NEVER goes away; affecting our turtles, seabird and other marine life. In short, plastic is a substance the earth cannot digest and our reliance on it is overwhelming our planet. So we are all about changing old habits around single use items; and making the world cleaner and greener for everyone.

We have the advanced technology to to create durable and long-lasting products, which last for many years without disintegration. They might be a little more expensive in the production and purchase short term but in the long run cost-saving AND healthier for the world. So how can you take action now when it comes to cleaning & microfibres?

1. Quality over Quantity 
People started to avoid single use plastic bottles or take away cups, but why are we still buying cheap cloths and sponges from the supermarket? Unlike other cleaning products Ha-Ra products are made using a special filament yarn, which enables these products to last many years without disintegration. Just like Margaret has been using her Window Cleaner since 1996. (via Facebook) 

2. Opt in for Cleaning products that are specially adapted to the needs of the commercial cleaning industry. 
There are many different products on the market that use a range of different qualities of fibre. The simple and inexpensive designs tend to break very quickly and dissolve from the cloth. We only use the best and highest quality raw materials to create durable and long-lasting products. When our products are washed in the washing machine the strength of our German engineered fibres prevent them being washed out of the cloth and into the ocean. 

3. Look for a high density of fibres, which allows products to be extremely durable. 
Our "continuous filament yarn” has very little filament breakage and is made of very resistant fibres with only 0 - 0.3 % breakage. In addition to these specially designed fibres, we use a W-binding process during the production, which is the best way to integrate these fibers into the fabric and prevent them from breaking in the washing process. 

4. Lead the way by example 
The directors of Ha-Ra Australia believed in Ha-Ra's durability and environmentally friendly products and used the same products without replacement for 15 years in their chemical-free cleaning business. 

Ha-Ra Australia