Easy, streak-free, and eco-friendly window and mirror washing

We often get asked how we clean our windows and mirrors streak-free. Yes, friends and family notice that we clean our windows differently. Since I have recently become a Ha-Ra consultant, I have of course tested the products from front to back.

Today I would like to give you a few tips & tricks for a crystal clear view.
Cleaning is a family effort for us, because everyone is responsible for the dirt and dust in the house. Our boys (13 & 15 years old) have to do some cleaning too. We all know, everything goes much faster when we work together, we aim to make everything shine again. You can inspire the whole family to clean together.

In order to be able to clean windows and mirrors easily AND streak-free, you need the right material. We have had the best experiences with a combination of Ha-Ra Window Cleaner, Protective Formula Rollfix and the Crystal or Star Polishing Cloth

In order to achieve a perfect result, we recommend a systematic approach that is repeated over and over again. 

First of all, we recommend clearing the window sill for your Ha-Ra products. 
Then you slightly moisten the fibre of the window cleaner and use the Rollfix to apply our Protective Formula (which is, by the way, biodegradable). Roll the Protective Formula back and forth over the fibre of the window cleaner twice. 

Swing the window cleaner in circular movements from the center of the window in all directions to the side so that the whole surfaces is covered. Then dry the lip of the rubber.

Hold the window cleaner in a slightly angled position and pull the window cleaner downwards in one movement. Don't forget to dry off the rubber with the cloth every time before you start again. This will avoid leaving any streaks. At the end you take the cloth and rub the edges all around the window frame.

A little tip, if the kids are helping, don't forget to tell them that they did a great job. Always praise them for helping you. You can also give yourself the time to eat a reward cake together and enjoy the view outside. 

Happy Cleaning with Ha-Ra. 

Daniel Hönig - Translated from Germany 

Ha-Ra Australia