Resolve to save money in the next year by doing some spring cleaning.

So one of my news years resolutions was to save money around the house so I can go on a holiday this year! Where do you think we can all save money around the house? I have a few tips for you and would love you to share any that you might have.

For me one of the top priorities is probably the cleaning area. Do you know the average house hold spends at least $10-00 a week on cleaning

From, sponges, mops that really do not do the job, poor quality micro fibre cloths, detergents, sprays and bathroom chemical cleaners, most households are literally pouring money down the sink. Mind you it is easy to get trapped as there is a new shower cleaner advertised on TV every week promising that it works and its faster and better than anything you have used before! But its strange its from the same manufacture who had the best new cleaner last month or 6 months ago. 

So lets say including washing powder you spend on average $10.00 per week across the board, that is $520.00 per year.

So what is the alternative? Lets look at the Ha-Ra cleaning system which will do your entire house, car, boat caravan, dirty garage and all floors excluding carpet (however if you have a stain or a spillage Ha-Ra will remove most of them), upholstery, mold on the walls and in bathrooms and remove fat build up in the Kitchen.
If you purchased the following kits - the Super Floor Kit, the Great Value kit and the Bathroom kit your set up cost would be $539.20 and the products would last you for 5 years. So over 5 years you would be looking at spending $539.20 as opposed to $2,600.00 if on average you spent $10.00 per week on nasty chemicals and poor quality mops and cloths.

You would also need to purchase washing powder and dishwasher powder but we have a product called Saponella that can be used in the dishwasher and washing machine and it will give a longer life to your Ha-Ra cloths.

So that is a saving in cleaning.

Save on Petrol shopping make a list and have a dedicated day to do the big shop and don’t just jump in the car when you need something. We have cut our petrol bill in half by doing this. I also ride my bike to the shop for things I forget or need during the week. 

Use up the left overs don’t through anything out! I use the vegies not used at the end of the week to make a Spaghetti Bolognaise or a minestrone soup. I also make the great recipe from my Mum called Bubble and Squeak which is great for leftover cooked veggies! My advice is to plan a weekly menu and try and stick to it.

I buy two 1 litre tubs of Greek Yogurt each week which is now $6-50 a litre or more at one of the big well known supermarkets. By shopping around I have found a great Greek Yogurt at Aldi which is German quality and I save $2-00 every pot that’s $4.00 a week or $208.00 per year.

This is a few scenarios that I have come up with so imagine the savings you could make if you found a few products in your weekly shop that all saved you this sort of money!


Ha-Ra Australia