The Sunshine Coast's Luxury Lifestyle Resort recently adopted a cutting-edge, chemical-free cleaning method.

The Queensland-based Living Gems is the industry leader in Lifestyle Resorts Living and seniors’ housing since 1982. Their pet-friendly Resortstyle communities are designed for people aged 50 plus. Residents who want to live the lifestyle they deserve at a price they can afford, and want the best of everything - and that also includes the daily chemical-free cleaning tasks! 

Wanting more time to do the things you like to do seemed to be the buzz word at Bindy's session at Living Gems Toowoomba. One of the residents searched google to find a better and easier way to clean dirt and dust from her Security Screens and ordered one of our Green Gloves, which has been recommended by Crimsafe for many years. Amazed by its performance she contacted Bindy to organise an appointment with the Management of the Resort, so others could benefit from this time & cost-saving cleaning technology.

It was a light hearted & interesting presentation. All the home owners could see and explore how to clean their homes with very little effort and understand the savings on not using chemical spray bottles. Some residents had allergies to chemicals or bronchial problems and had been looking for a high-quality chemical free cleaning system for a long time. 

A small survey was conducted after the session with 10 words they wrote why chemical-free cleaning using Ha-Ra and only water was better than conventional cleaning methods.  

10 words why Ha-Ra interest you 

- Make my cleaning life easier
- Anything that works better than a chemical
- Keep my screens clean
- Save on cleaning cost
- I am sold. It really does clean screens with water
- Recommended by a friend who says it is wonderful
- It offers effective simple tools and no powder or chemicals
- Great reputation  

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