Ensure that your house is a healthy and secure environment for your children.

We spray for cockroaches using poison, we spray for insects we clean our floors with poison disinfectants. Children have a higher respiratory rate than adults so they inhale three times the amount of contaminants but because their detox system aren't fully developed they can not filter toxins as adults do.

After two decades we are certainly seeing how toxics in children liveware taking a toll, with higher rates of allergies cancer and learning disabilities than ever before. If this doesn't say we are doing something wrong in the environment. Other behaviour and health disorders caused by chemicals in our home include coughing, weezing, nasal congestion, burning eyes headaches burning tingling and flushing of the skin muscle aches irritability are a few to mention of the last 25 years plus environmental disasters.

How did we ever get to manufacturing cleaning agents?

In the 1900 to 1950 we almost only cleaned using old rags towels and nappies it was all recycled material and possibly the first soap the laundry soap made from fat and caustic soda. Seventy thousand plus chemicals have been introduced since world war 2 which where developed out of extensive research in chemical warfare. 

Cleaning with products made with fibre technology is very different from cleaning with convential products. Microfibres are fine fibres that penetrate sufaces at a finer level than normal fibres (approx. 50 times smaller than a human hair). The use of the Ha-Ra fibre technology represents a dramatic innovation in cleaning equipment and processes. Cleaning products made using this technology are strong, highly resistant to tearing and have extremely low levels of linting.  

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