With the Ha-Ra door mat you can keep your home cleaner and reduce cleaning time!

With the right door-mat you can keep your home cleaner and reduce cleaning time!

Did you know that an entrance door mat can reduce the need for cleaning? For public and office buildings about 80 to 90% of the dirt is brought in from outside. The high-quality Ha-Ra's door mats come with two different types of fibres, one fibre will clean the shoe or paws of your pets and the other soft fibre will dry it giving you a clean dry shoe or paw and eliminating a significant amount of dirt that enters a building.  

The fibres of the mat are robust, stiff fibres, which remove coarse dirt, to enhance the brush effect, horizontal grooves collect coarse dirt and moisture. The mats have an impressively high dirt absorption capacity.  Since most dirt collects in the grooves, 75% of the dirt can be removed by simple turning and shaking. To further clean the mat we recommend vacuuming it.

The large number of fibres also creates a significantly larger fibre surface which doubles the water absorption capabilities of the mat. The door mat has a slip proof flexible coat backing ensuring that the mat will not slip even after a long period of use and many washes.

The material used is sun and water resistant so it will cope with most weather conditions.

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