Tips From a Professional Toilet Cleaner

It's not a topic that we really like to talk about but have you got smelly toilets? Have you ever wondered why your toilet stinks? What do you do to get the smell out of the toilet? And how can you clean them chemical-free

Like most people you probably buy a blue block and hang it on the seat so the water in the basin looks blue and fresh. Well, the problem is this only masks the smell and costs you money in the long-run. The smell in your toilet is from the urine that has built up under the seat from splashes and misses every now and then! Here's Bindy's tip to get rid of that smell: 

Firstly undo the screws on the toilet seat and remove it. With your Ultra Cleaning Glove clean all areas around the screws and clean the seat really well. Then with your Glove run it several times around the rim of the toilet then dry off with a Star Polishing Cloth. And don't forget to screw the seat back on! I promise, you will have no smell if the urine is removed.  

Ha-Ra Australia