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How to use the Ha-Ra Pressbutler Squeeze Cleaning Bucket

Ha-Ra Pressbutler Squeeze Cleaning Bucket

Ha-Ra Pressbutler Squeeze Cleaning Bucket: How to Use it

Don't waste your time wringing your floorpads by hand - let the Ha-Ra Pressbutler Bucket do this job for you!

The Pressbutler Squeeze Bucket is a sturdy 10 litre bucket with a press function so you can easily squeeze wet Ha-Ra® floor pads and ensure they contains the right amount of water to achieve a sparkling clean result . Made of 100% recyclable polypropylene, this kit contains a 10 litre pressbutler with handle, spout and removable inlay.


1. Half fill the Ha-Ra Pressbutler with lukewarm water and add two drops of Protective Formula.

2. Dip the Ha-Ra cleaning fibre pad into the bucket so it is fully submerged, then remove it.

3. Fold the Ha-Ra fibre pad and insert it into the press. A flexible foamrubber wringing-aid helps you wring out the thinner Ha-Ra cleaning fibre pads (white-short).

4. Press down the handle twice with both hands (mind your fingers) and push back once. The fibre pad is then ready for use.

5. After using the Pressbutler you can empty the bucket using the gap left at the back of the Pressbutler.

6. Leave the fibre pad on top of the handle for faster drying.


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