A First Among Equals When It Comes to Chemical-Free Fiber Cleaning Technologies

Did you know? The Ha-Ra success story started already back in the early 70's? Ha-Ra® founder Hans Raab, started researching environmentally friendly cleaning alternatives already 50 years ago in Germany, in response to the health problems among employees of his cleaning business. He traced these problems back to the daily use of cleaning agents. He also remembered a report about African tribes and the effective and environmentally sound methods cleaning with sand, clay and water and developed a revolutionary manufacturing process that created a combination of cleaning fibres that only need water to clean.

Physico-mechanical cleaning has been an innovation leap for millions of people around the world: and for the first time back then, Ha-Ra was able to deliver outstanding results using a high-quality fiber systems combined with natural detergents. Due to his passion, the inventor, Hans Raab, even became the undefeated world champion in glass façade cleaning!

Over 50 years Ha-Ra has delivered the highest quality possible for domestic and commercial cleaning purposes. All products are exclusively manufactured in Germany, Switzerland or Italy, because we do not promote exploitation in "low-wage countries".

Ha-Ra is innovation and quality. We don't sell products, we sell health and wellbeing to many areas of life. Our aim is to make your life more comfortable in all areas of your home.

We thank the millions of people around the world for their years of loyalty and great trust.

This is the greatest incentive for us and we will continue to give our customers the best products "in harmony with nature" for the future.

Ha-Ra Australia