Where to get instructions on how to clean a construction site with Ha-Ra.

If you are a home owner and thinking of doing your clean yourself, it's wise to clean up every day and arrange a final clean at the end. To keep your new surfaces in top condition, we recommend a chemical-free clean as using chemical can damage your surfaces and leaves a residue behind.

The best form of cleaning is removing any form of dust, wax, silicone grout and render. Within our cleaning business we specialised on builders cleans as we had scratch-free and no chemical damage policy.

What you need for your builders clean:

- Strong vacuum cleaner
- Water sucker piece which has a rubber
- General brush picker that can flex the brushes high and low
- Tooth brush
- Steel wool
- Multi Purpose Kit from Ha-Ra
- Floor Cleaning Kit from Ha-Ra
- Pressbutler Squeeze Bucket
- Telescopic Handle
- Bathroom Kit from Ha-Ra
- Step Ladder
- 2 buckets of water
- Dust Pan

This standard cleaning kit has been used for 2 people to perform a commercial builders clean.

  • First remove the heavy duty chip rock stone cut offs and the electrician mess as they are the worst. With a broom and dust pan go through the whole building. Start from top to bottom to remove the heavy dust using a vacuum cleaner and brush and suck all loose dust off windows, ledges benches. Don't use water in the first stage.
  • Change the nossell to the thin attachment and a tooth brush. Using the tooth brush loosen all grime and suck at the same time into the vacuum cleaner.
  • Dry dust walls using the Dry Yellow Floor Pad to dust all the walls from top down. You will collect the fine dust powder into the fibres. You can use the vacuum cleaner to clean it out regularly.
  • How to remove render from glass? Using the Green Glove with a lot of water. Wipe over the glass to collect left residue off dirt. You will then require the Ultra Glove and our citric acid Kalkex. This is a lime dissolver. Make sure not not to use on any natural stone. Wash the window with a wet Ultra Glove. Once you can run your hand over the surface and it is free from grit and stone use the Ha-Ra Window cleaner and just water.
  • How to remove render from bathrooms? You will require steel wool and an Ultra Glove. Vacuum all loose dirt with a bucket of water and the Green Glove. Wash down all surfaces. Change the water in your bucket and wash down all walls with the Ultra Glove followed by the Mach 6 Glove to absorb all loose grime and residue. Depending on how long the grout has been left to dry - the longer left the harder it is to remove.
  • How to clean the toilet? A toilet brush and some drops of ph-neutral Protective Formula will take care of left behinds. Use the Ultra Glove to clean up around toilet bowl. You may even need to remove the seat. Don’t forget to remove the stickers on the toilet with the plastic spatular.
  • How to clean screens? If you have a large area you could use the Ha-Ra Floor Express rather than the Glove for the Pre-Clean as the Floor Pad will cover a larger area. Rinse thoroughly as you go.
  • How to clean walls? After using the Dry Yellow Floor Pad you may wish to wash the wall with a damp Mach 6 Floor Pad or Green Floor Pad with some ph-neutral Protective Formula.
  • How to clean floors including timber and tiles?
    1. Sweep
    2. Vacuum
    3. Dry mop with the Dry Yellow Floor Pad
    4. Wash the floors with an Ultra Floor Pad followed by a Green Floor Pad to suck off the wet residue. If you notice paint flecks or grout residue, you can use the Ultra Glove go over the area several times other wise use a bunch of steel wool.  This will loosen it. You can collect the grime with the Green Glove. For paint use a steel spatula is best followed by steel wool.
  • For those with timber floors please feel free to contact us to advise the best solution as timber surfaces can vary (oiled, sealed etc.) same with natural stone e.g. marble.
  • How to clean the kitchen? Vacuum all grime first, follow by a Green Glove, rinsing thoroughly to finish off benches like ceasar stone or two pack quartz.
We can advise on how to clean all kitchen surfaces for builders cleans or general cleaning using specially designed fibres to absorb the grime.  These product work like a magnet leaving no residue behind.
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