Enjoy 40% off the Ha-Ra Perfect Floor System 32.5 cm and 3 of our most sought-after Floor Pads during this season's spring sale.

Try our floor system once and never look back. Now is your chance: This offer is perfect for your first purchase, a gift or the second system for the holiday home, granny flat or caravan. 

✔️ 32.5 cm Perfect System with a Split Handle 
✔️ Dry Yellow Floor Pad for dusting 
✔️ Mach 6 Floor Pad for damp cleaning 
✔️ Hedgehog Gold Pad for outdoors or tiles 

Featuring patented technology exclusively developed by Ha-Ra®, the Perfect Floor System gives you 40% more cleaning power with 40% less effort while cleaning 30% faster than other products. This is achieved by the unique 6-chamber design which distributes optimum pressure across the whole surface of the fibre pad. 

​HINT: The latest special comes with our 3x most popular floor pads including the Dry Yellow for dusting, the Mach 6 for wooden floors and the Hedgehog Soft for tiles.

What our clients say? 

​"I've bought a second lot for the holiday house, and am so impressed with the quality of their products. The floor pad and mop pick up all the dog hair, and makes cleaning our house (which is all timber floors) a quick and easy job. I jokingly said to my children 'this broom has changed my life!', (but I think it really has!)"

​- Jennie




Ha-Ra Australia