How to clean various types of flooring with minimal effort

We walk on them, stomp on them, and maybe even do a little jig on them. Your floors definitely take a beating! Just think of the bacteria and bugs we collect on our shoes on a daily basis which we bring back from our daily routine.  

Over the years there have been thousands of mops invented to give the consumers the easiest way to clean their floors. Manufactures are trying to create the perfect and high-quality hard floors from Bamboo, Timber, Terracotta and Caesar stone. So what is the best way to clean different floor surfaces

Let’s eliminate the steam cleaner
Steam cleaners are heavy and time consuming not to mention that the steam and water will not suck all the grime out of the pours of the hard surfaces. A steam cleaner is not a daily cleaning system. It is very time consuming. There are also plenty of micro fibre mops with poor quality or throw-away floor pads on the market which last for a couple of weeks and go into landfill.  

Give your floors a little green TLC 
Follow these earth friendly tips to keep your carpets and hard-surface floors clean and germ-free for years to come. Ha-Ra® is the world leader with over 45 years experience and provides a mechanical cleaning system using long lasting fibres that are recycled over and over again while just adding water. 

Ha-Ra® floor pads suit all floor surfaces. There is no need to disinfect your mop heads by soaking them in a bucket. Wash the Ha-Ra® Floor Pads like a towel and reuse over and over again. Save money in the long-run and ditch disposable Floor Wipes. Some of our valued Ha-Ra® customers report this floor system as "The best floor system on Australia's market" because they have been using their handle for over 20 years with one replacement of a floor pad over that duration. 

Why the 30cm Ha-Ra® floor system? 
This small and handy little system can be quicker and lighter than the 42 cm. It zooms around corners under furniture and around chairs and mats. It is light durable and flexible. It will scrub floors giving a quicker friction to deep clean into the indentation of the hard surface floors. It sucks the loosened grime into the fabric showing you an immediate result. Quickly flick the system up to get around skirting boards and down side of refrigerators. It will also scrub high areas in your bathroom removing mould. It replaces the use of sugar soap to prep walls and clean mould and grease of high areas. This mopping system is easy to store and is used in Holiday and Caravan Parks around Australia. It cleans the inside and the outside of the vans and comes with a split handle for easy storing. It is used to clean amenity blocks as well as units and cabins and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Don't just take our word for it. Check out our product videos for more!

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