Cleaning your oven without harsh chemicals

Oven Cleaners are one of the most toxic products in your kitchen. Oven cleaners should never touch your skin or eyes, should never be inhaled or come in contact with mucous membranes. They are even toxic to exterior surfaces of your oven like aluminium, chrome, plastics, painted areas linoleum and they are flammable.

With this being the case, how on earth are you supposed to use oven cleaners safely? Even TV commercials for oven cleaners show you wearing rubber gloves while cleaning the oven.

The greatest dangers in oven cleaners come from lye which is extremely corrosive, and can burn your skin and eyes. It is usually fatal if swallowed. Oven cleaners also contain ammonia which is extremely irritating to your eyes and lungs and hard to avoid inhaling when you have to pretty much get your head in the oven to clean it. 

Why would anyone ever bring such a product into their home when there are safer ways! Our post this week shows you how to clean your oven without the harmful chemicals making it safer for you and your family.

You will need -

Step 1
Remove the surface fat first using the ultra cloth while the oven is cold, to remove the excess fat from the cloth use  Sunlight Laundry soap and warm water.

Step 2
Turn on the oven at 80 degrees with a bowl of warm water this will steam up the oven and make it moist. Leave for about 10 minutes. 

Step 3
To remove the burnt in build up of grime use the bunch of steel wool and water with one drop of ph neutral Protective formula. Not the fine steel wool the big thick steel wool scrunchy.

Protective Formula is a detergent made from a vegetable base and glycerine it will assist in removing stubborn grime without any toxic fumes and you will not even need gloves. This detergent has the glycerine that keeps your hands moist not dry like most other detergents you buy at the super markets.

The steel wool will not scratch your glass or surfaces of your oven.

Step 4
Once the grime is loosened use the Sapphire Cloth to absorb all the grime.
You can do pots and pans with the same method even your BBQ

Ha-Ra Australia