When you exercise would you be influenced in your choice of gym or stydio if you knew that they added additional cleaning and disinfection precedures to their cleaning routines?

F45 Noosa provides the ultimate gym experience by combining cutting edge techniques with high grade equipment and friendly, supportive staff. Over the last few years Ha-Ra has not only provided the equipment to keep the studio in Noosa in top condition. Ha-Ra also assisted to save money for expensive refills in the long-run. It’s no secret, that the sustainable market is booming. Businesses are focusing on powerful commercial-grade cleaning equipment while making more sustainable choices.

What is needed to clean a gym from top to bottom chemical-free?

Various gyms haven't been able to find an All-In-One Floor Cleaning System to deal with cleaning non-slip floors, chemical build up and sand, which is common in many properties around Australia. The Ha-Ra Dry Yellow Floor Pad in combination with the Nano Hedghog Soft and Gold has been the perfect solution for theses issues. It does not only avoid the use of a vaccum cleaner it is much quicker to use for employees and works without the use of any chemicals. These two pads in combination with our Stainless Steel Floor System, a Pressbutler Bucket and our Multi Purpose Kit is all you need to start cleaning a gym or studio chemical-free from top to bottom. Atherton Infection Control and various Hospitals rely on Ha-Ra's Nano cleaning technology to keep medical equipment in top condition - the same technology is used for gym equipment including stainless steel surfaces, weights, mats and much more. Various tests have been completed by Bernhard Heath & Associates, Medvet Science Pty Ltd, Biotech Laboratories in line with Australian Health Standards.

What are the main benefits of Ha-Ra for a gym?

- Hypoallergenic product and safe for clients and staff
- Reduces 98% of cleaning chemicals (which can be absorbed through the skin)
- Preventative Health Care Substitute
- Assists the immune system to fight against toxic chemicals
- Unique commercial-grade quality and strong guarantee Interested to make the switch to Ha-Ra® for your own business?

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