Top 6 Precautions to Take When Cleaning Green

The Ha-Ra Care and Maintenance Products have been developed to work in tandem with the range of Ha-Ra cleaning fibres to provide a complete home and workplace cleaning system. All our products are ‘green’ – they’re non-toxic, environmentally safe, and manufactured from high quality natural materials. They’re extremely economical with long term use. For example, our Saponella concentrated washing and dishwashing powder lowers washing costs and improves results. And the Ha-Ra Protective Formula, which is pH neutral, protects your hands and even the surfaces being cleaned as it supports the cleaning action of the fibres.
The Ha-Ra Care and Maintenance Products and the Ha-Ra cleaning fibres are already hard at work in millions of homes and workplaces worldwide. Because they’re easy to use, they are safe and they’re ‘green’. Ha-Ra have a full range of cleaning kits for your bathroom, laundry, kitchen, windows and screens, floors, outdoors, your car, almost any application. The results will amaze you.

1. Natural Dishwashing & Laundry powder, protects your Washing Machine & Dishwasher 
Saponella is an extremely effective and economic two in one washing and dishwashing powder. It is the first multipurpose product that is non-pollutant and non-toxic. Manufactured from naturally occurring soapstone that is ground to a powder and combined with an extract from the 
Saponella Plant in the washing machine the low sudd powder holds the dirt in suspension so both dirt and powder are completely removed from the fabric. Unlike traditional washing powders that leave a residue on the fabric, Saponella is ideal for psoriasis sufferers, people with allergies and asthmatics. It is highly biodegradable. In the dishwasher a small amount of Saponella powder is used with the diluted Protective Formula (a rinse aid), to clean your crockery, utensils and glassware without the chlorine compounds usually found in dishwashing powders.

2. PH neutral Detergent - No Bleach - No Stains! 
This natural plant extract supports the action of the Ha-Ra cleaning fibres, allowing them to clean more easily and effectively. Made from vegetable extract, palm oil and glisterine base, the Protective Formula is pH neutral. It will also protect your hands, the Ha-Ra fibres and surfaces maintaining their condition and leaving them shiny. It has other beneficial qualities. It breaks up fat and grease, replacing traditional detergents – it is extremely economical to use with just a couple of drops added to the water. The 
Protective Formula is preservative free, highly biodegradable and is supplied in refillable bottles. Also available in a Rollfix for optimal usage in combination with our Window Cleaner.

3. Natural Citric Acid (very concentrated)
It is manufactured from 100% natural citric acid and takes the hard work out of removing calcium build-up or lime scale in the bathroom and kitchen. Use with the Ha-Ra cleaning cloths, gloves or floor pads. It is supplied as an odourless concentrate and is extremely economical. It is highly biodegradable and completely dissolves in water. Kalkex must be thoroughly rinsed off all surfaces after cleaning, and must not be used on marble surfaces. It is also recommended for cleaning dishwasher pipes, kettles and coffee machines.

4. Beeswax, Cleans & Protects Timber and Leather etc.
This natural beeswax product cleans and protects timber and upholstery on furniture. Surfaces can be pre-cleaned using a damp Ha-Ra Natura Glove before application. Allow to dry then apply the Leather balm using the Leather Cloth. It can even be used to replace traditional shoe cleaners.

5. Acid-Free Cleaning Paste
Ha-Ra Blue Paste is acid free, made from natural soapstone and contains no aggressive chemicals. Apply with the Ha-Ra Blue Cloth to clean, then rise off and polish with the Brilliant Polish Cloth. Removes heavy build up on stoves, ceramic cook tops, shower screens and baths, will shine and polish stainless steel and remove stains from benches.

6. Protect Floor Surfaces and Much More 
This Care Balm is used in conjunction with the Ha-Ra Floor Pad to protect and condition the floor surface. Made from a coconut oil extract it seals timber, cork and vinyl floor surfaces and leaves them shiny and more resistant to dirt. Carnauba will also give additional protection to painted surfaces such as your car and refrigerator.


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