The Montville Clock Shop is synonymous with German quality.

Missed out on Oktoberfest this year? Don't worry, you can still get the best of Germany with Ha-Ra and the Clock Shop in Montville.

 is an Australian owned and operated small business based in the beautiful mountain village of Montville on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. 

Clock Shop owners Daniel and Holly Hoffman are proud to supply original Black Forest Clocks, a region where masterpieces are still created as they have been for hundreds of years. Each year they travel to Germany to meet with German suppliers, review new models and inspect their clocks for quality and affordability – making sure that there is something for every budget and décor. 

The Clock Shop was established in Montville in 1993 by Daniel's parents, Phil and Fran Hoffman as a specialist cuckoo clock centre. The CLOCK SHOP in Montville is a traditionally constructed stone and shingle building nestled at the southern end of the delightful mountain village and has become a ‘must see’ when visiting the Sunshine Coast. Stocked with literally hundreds and hundreds of ticking clocks, visitors are simply amazed by the huge range, the sounds of the ticking, the cuckoos and chimes that fill the air, the rich smell of wood (not chemicals) and the intrigue of a traditional craft that is still alive after hundreds of years.

Daniel and the team are cleaning their premises with the Ha-Ra product range to prevent using chemicals on their floors and products. Providing German quality products themselves, they are familiar with the high-end quality of Ha-Ra. One of their favourites is the Dusting Fibre, which is available as a Floor Pad and Glove to keep store and clocks in top condition.

Simply wipe the fibres in a S-motion over the surface to attract fine dust and dirt particles. The Glove protects your fingers so you can get in small delicate areas. Be reassured that surfaces stay cleaner for longer when no chemicals are smeared on to them. 

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