Contrast the Ha-Ra Mop Floor System with a Steam Cleaner.

Today we compare the result of cleaning your floors with Ha-Ra's advanced fibre technology versus a steam cleaner. While steam cleaners can be efficient, using them can come with some disadvantages. We would like to share the feedback received by various customers after changing from their steam cleaner to the Ha-Ra System. 


  • The equipment uses steam that can reach very hot temperatures, which is not suitable for all type of floors
  • Extra preparation required (sweeping before use)
  • Chemical-free and environmentally-friendly 
  • The pads are often thinner which may not penetrate deep down into the indentations of the surfaces to loosen build up including grease and grime 
  • The residue of grime will sit on top of the surface rather than being absorbed into the fabric 
  • The appliance can be heavy with the water compartment 
  • You may not be able to reach under cupboard, chairs or furniture 


  • The system can be used with lukewarm or cold water only, which will not damage your surfaces
  • Multi-surface friendly
  • No extra preparation required 
  • Patented fibres are up to 5x thicker and act like a scrubbing brush to absorb the dirt into the fabric
  • Chemical-free and environmentally-friendly 
  • Easy to move around for a quick fix 
  • Flexible to reach under most furniture without moving it 
  • Multi-Purpose use as also suitable for walls and ceilings 
  • No electricity or cables required  
  • Includes a 3-Part-Satisfaction-Warranty  

Please note the information is based on the feedback of clients who have tried both cleaning systems. 

Ha-Ra Australia