Use of the proper cleaning products in child-occupied homes

Everyone who has small children knows it: the moment you turn around, they do something naughty or put themselves in danger. Children are little explorers and that's a good thing. It is up to us adults to protect them from the dangers of everyday life. 

Detergents are not food
Detergents can represent a hazard in the household. Nowadays, detergent labels increasingly convey the impression of being harmless, gentle or environmentally friendly. Some of them even show fruits. In some cases, children can no longer tell them apart from food packaging.

Better safe than sorry
Some cleaning agents contain aggressive and highly hazardous chemicals, which are stored under the kitchen sink. Every day in Germany alone there are an average of 10 accidents caused by the incorrect use of detergents and cleaning agents.

What should you watch out for when it comes to cleaning?
The top rule: detergents and cleaning agents have no place in children's hands, so they should always be kept out of the reach of children. This also applies if the doorbell or phone rings while cleaning. If household appliances such as kettles are descaled: It is best to pour the liquid down the drain immediately afterwards and rinse the appliance thoroughly. 

Please do not transfer detergents in to food containers
Cleaning agents should never be transferred into drinking bottles or jam jars. If something does get into the wrong hands, it is important to react quickly and call the doctor or the nearest poison center immediately. It will be crucial to have the right product label on hand.

Check compatibility
It is best to pay attention to their compatibility when buying cleaning agents. Gentle cleaners are usually completely sufficient for normal household soiling and often no less effective than aggressive products. You will get an indication of this when you look at the warning notices mostly attached to the back. You should avoid skull symbols or bursting bodies in red triangles. Be careful: a label-free cleaning agent does not mean that you do not have to be careful with it.

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