The Ha-Ra Dusting Duo is a lifesaver for dusting.

Our dusting cloth is the cookie monster's greatest enemy. It magically attracts and holds hair, dust and crumbs. Ideal for surfaces to be cleaned dry - it also shows all its skills on the breakfast table with breadcrumbs.

The special fabric magically attracts hair, dust and crumbs and holds them in place. Suitable for all smooth and structured surfaces in the entire household.

How to use
For dry cleaning of loose dirt such as dust, hair and crumbs. Can be used on all smooth and structured surfaces in the entire household. Ideally suited for use on high-gloss surfaces and TV screens as well as oiled and varnished wooden furniture.  Do not use on rough surfaces. 

Use the side with the long plush for optimal absorption of loose dirt.
In order to use the entire surface of the cleaning cloth optimally for cleaning and to prevent re-soiling of surfaces that have already been cleaned, fold the dust cloth twice so that four cloth surfaces of the same size are created that can be used one after the other for surface cleaning.

Stop the sneezing! With the Dry Dusting Glove you will remove dust easily and keep any loose dust from flying around with a simple wipe. This product is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

100% polyester, pile height: 22mm How to use Use dry. Rub the glove a few times before use to create static energy that will enhance the dust retaining quality of the glove. Wipe the surface gently in an S motion.

Where to use
Pure synthetic fibre for dusting wherever a wet clean is not possible. Recommended for dusting in the entire living area, including furniture, bookshelves and green plants. It also works perfectly on antique or office furniture, lamp shades and textile upholstery. 


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