Window and Glass Cleaner


Professional Window Cleaner that broke two World Records 

With the Ha-Ra Window Cleaner you can clean windows faster and better than a professional with minimal effort. You will also find this very water efficient, making it perfect for use in locations where water restrictions are in place. This product is made from Viva-Fibre: 100% polyester and is available in 10cm, 19cm, 32cm and 38cm. (On request a scrub version is also available)

How to use
Wet the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner and apply 2 or 3 drops of Protective Formula. Rub this in and, holding the Cleaner at an angle, squeeze to remove any excess water. Wipe over the surface with the fibre part to clean. Wipe the rubber blade dry. Starting from the top right, squeegees off excess water from the surface using the rubber blade: hold the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner at a slight angle (left up, right down) so excess water runs up the rubber blade. When you get to bottom of window, wipe the rubber blade dry and repeat. Remove any remaining streaks using a Ha-Ra® Brilliant Polishing Cloth.

Where to use
The Ha-Ra® Window Cleaning System is recommended for windows, mirrors, flat-glazed stone bench tops and glass tables. Replacement fibre and rubber blade are available.

The Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner is made of Viva fibres attached to a metal window apparatus and retains water like a sponge. Water spillage will not occur if the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner is used correctly, in conjunction with the Hans Raab Protective Formula. 

Step-by-step Guide:

  • Wet the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner.
  • Place 2 drops of Hans Raab Protective Formula on the fibre.
  • Lather with the palm of your hand or fingers.
  • Squeeze out excess water with the ball of your hand - the fibres must not be dripping wet.
  • Using moderate pressure, move the fibre in a circular motion on the surface to be cleaned.
  • The rubber strip should not be touching the surface at this stage, only the fibres.
  • Dry the rubber strip with a Ha-Ra® Dry Absorbing Cloth.
  • Draw the water down the surface, making sure that only the rubber is touching the glass - do not allow the fibres to wet the surface.
  • Allow the fibres to catch any water dripping off the lower edge by slightly tilting the wrist.
  • After each pass of the rubber strip, wipe it dry with the Ha-Ra® Star Polishing Cloth.

Before cleaning a window, clean the frame with a Ha-Ra® Green Cleaning Glove. If the glass is heavily soiled, we recommend that you clean with the Ha-Ra @ Window Cleaner several times, or use the Ultra fibres in glove or cloth form. Remove the excess water on the edge of the window pane with a Ha-Ra® Natura Cloth or Ha-Ra® Star Polishing Cloth. If the Window Cleaner is held horizontally streaks may occur. Therefore, slightly tilt the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner. As long as the fibres of the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner are damp enough, you can continue cleaning without having to rinse. When the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner is new, the rubber will show a white crumbly substance - this is the talcum that keeps the rubber elastic (rubber consists mainly of caoutchouc - natural Indian rubber). Before using, the rubber should be stretched several times and wiped with Viva fibres to remove excess talcum.

Maintenance of the Fibres
After use, rinse under cool running water, rubbing the fibres with your hand until all the Hans Raab Protective Formula is rinsed out. If the fibres are difficult to clean, unscrew the wing-nut holding on the handle, and rub the fibres separately. Shake any excess water from the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner and store in an angular position over a sink or basin to dry. When drying the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner, ensure that the rubber strip is not pressed against any surface, as damage to the blade could occur. All attachments can be replaced i.e. the rubber strip, the plastic handle and the fibres.