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High-Tech Cleaning Gloves
Highest Quality Cleaning Gloves
Highest Quality Cleaning Gloves
Highest Quality Cleaning Gloves
Highest Quality Cleaning Gloves
Supremely Thorough Cleaning Gloves
Supremely Thorough Cleaning Gloves
Supremely Thorough Cleaning Gloves
Supremely Thorough Cleaning Gloves
Gloves that clean like no other

Ultra Cleaning Glove

GST included.

High-Tech Cleaning Gloves

With an easy wipe, remove stubborn dirt, grease and heavy buildup on smooth and hard surfaces with the Ultra Glove. With its high-density, blue ultra fibre, this Cleaning Glove easily removes the toughest grease and grime, while the softer fibre on the back is ideal for cleaning and absorbing the loosened substances for a crystal clean finish.

  • The fat killer! Thanks to a patented shrinking process, the ultra-fiber achieves an enormous density and ensures amazing fat-dissolving properties - it can even tackle very grease surfaces like ovens and grills 
  • The Viva fiber, which is also used in our popular Window Cleaner, is for crystal clean results 
  • Handmade in Germany 
  • Specially developed to remove fat and grease e.g. in the oven and grill, on hoods and the backsplash in the kitchen
  • Can also be used to wash dishes
Composition Viva Fibre: 100% polyester, 9 mm pile height Ultra Fibre: 100% polyester, 8 mm pile height  

How to use 
Add a drop of Protective Formula to 2 litres of water, immerse the Ultra Glove and then wring it out. The fibre can also be wetted with plain water. Rub the surface to be cleaned in a circular motion, allowing the fibres and the water to do the work and loosen the grease and dirt. If very dirty, you can add a couple of drops of Protective Formula. Dry off with a Ha-Ra Brilliant Polishing Cloth or Natura Cloth.  

Where to use 
The Ultra Glove is recommended for all areas in kitchen and/or bathroom. You can use it on your bench tops, kitchen surfaces and range hoods. It is recommended to clean with one side, and finish off with the reverse side. 

The most asked questions about the Ultra Glove: 

Where can I use the Ultra Cleaning Glove: 
There are no limitations when it comes to cleaning with your Ultra Cleaning Glove. It will tackle all surfaces in your kitchen and/or bathroom. You can also keep one in the car or caravan. Many people keep one in the shower to clean the screens and floor on the go. 

How long does an Ultra Cleaning Glove last? 
Many customers have been using their Ultra Glove for many years. This product is also part of most of our commercial cleaning products and kits which are used by Hospital Steriliser Departments and Holiday Parks. 

How do I clean the Ultra Cleaning Glove once it’s full of fat and grease? 
We recommend to clean the heavy fat and grease with sunlight soap under running water. Once you have cleaned the grease and fat, you can throw the Glove in the washing machine with your towels. Just make sure you don’t use any fabric softener. 

Can I clean other things with the Ultra Cleaning Glove? 
Many people use the Ultra Glove in combination with their Window Cleaner, as it is very easy to clean the glass with a Glove. Once you have cleaned the large surface, you can follow up with your Window Cleaner. We also had fantastic feedback from our clients, who keep this Glove in the car to clean the windscreen inside & out. 

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