Squeeze Bucket with wheels (this is not a genuine Ha-Ra product)


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Don't waste your time wringing out your floor pads by hand; let the Squeeze Cleaning Bucket do it for you.

  • Colour: Blue and grey
  • Capacity: 23 litres
  • Height: 70cm Length: 42cm Width: 30cm
  • Down Press to remove excess water 
  • Optional: Wheels can be added 

Sturdy squeeze cleaning bucket to easily squeeze wet Floor pads and ensure they contain the right amount of water to achieve a sparkling clean results. The bucket holds 23 litres and comes with a built-in wringer. This handy size is easy to manoeuvre around the areas you need to clean.

It has four wheels, making it easy to move from place to place. Instead of carrying it to a drain, you can just roll it, and make water changes a breeze. It also features an ergonomically designed handle, making this an ideal bucket for cleaning large areas.

It works perfectly for cleaning professionals or home users. The cleaning bucket’s down-press wringer easily removes excess water.

    How to use the Squeeze Cleaning Bucket 
    Don't waste your time wringing out your floorpads by hand; let the Squeeze Cleaning Bucket do it for you. The Squeeze Cleaning Bucket is a strong 23 litre bucket with a press function that makes it easy to squeeze wet Ha-Ra® floor pads and make sure they have the right amount of water to get a sparkling clean result. 

    1. Pour half of the tepid water into the Cleaning Squeeze bucket and add two drops of Protective Formula.
    2. Put the Ha-Ra cleaning fibre pad all the way into the bucket, and then take it out.
    3. Fold the Ha-Ra fibre pad in half and put it in the press. The thinner Ha-Ra cleaning fibre pads are easier to squeeze dry with the help of a flexible foam rubber wringing-aid 
    4. Use both hands to push down on the handle twice (watch your fingers) and then push back once. After that, the fibre pad is ready to be used.
    5. Empty the water after using it 
    6. To dry the floor pads faster, leave the fibre pad on top of it.

    With its long-lasting steel design and different floor pads, the Ha-Ra Floor Cleaning System can be used on any type of floor. It has a well established reputation in Australia's BIG4 Holiday Parks, Marion Holiday Park, Hospital Steriliser Departments, and Childcare Centres. Most of our customers have had their floor system for more than ten years. Why does this system work so well and is so popular, even within commercial cleaning business industry?

    • High-quality stainless steel quality made in Germany 
    • Very light aluminium corrugated pipe is used to make the handle (1.40 m long, 32 mm thick)
    • The patented design keeps the fibres sharp so they don't get bent over
    • Allrounder Cleaning pads for all kinds of floors
    • There are different floor cleaning pads for different surfaces
    • Reputation for Business
    • 3-Part-Guarantee
    • The bucket on wheels is optional, you don't have to use a bucket but you can to avoid squeezing the pads with your hands

    More Floor Cleaning Tips:

    • Cleaning dry: Use the Dry Dusting Floorpad with the stainless-steel Floor System Handle to pick up dust and crumbs. Use the dry Dusting Floorpad in an S-shaped motion to pull any extra dirt into a pile, then use a dustpan and brush to clean it up.
    • Use the stainless-steel Floor System Handle and the Hedgehog Gold Floorpad to clean when the floor is wet.
    • Fill the Squeeze Cleaning Bucket to more than half full.
    • Drop the floor pad with white and blue spots into the bucket.
    • Lift the handle, put the wet floor pad in the press, and lightly squeeze out.
    • For the floor piece to fit into the side pockets of the floor pad, the clip on the metal floor handle must be pushed down and broken in half.
    • To clean the floors with a wet mop, move the floor pad in a S shape, letting the fibres slide in one direction to pick up sand and dirt.
    • After every 3mx3m section of floor, take the floor pad and put it back into the squeeze bucket. This will release any dirt back into the water.
    • Repeat until you've washed the whole floor. The rule is that the floor pad needs to be wetter the dirtier the floor is.