Saponella Natural White Washing Powder 1.7kg


The eco-friendly choice for brighter, whiter laundry manufactured from naturally occurring soapstone

  • Extremely economical: washes up to 85 times
  • Innovative formula for the best whitening power - whites become even brighter
  • Very good skin compatibility (Dermatest: very good)
  • Environmentally friendly, vegan, easily biodegradable formula, recommended for septic tanks 
  • Based on natural soaps, with soapstone as a natural “fabric softener"
  • Tested in Australia for phosphates none found 

Specially crafted for those with psoriasis, allergies, and asthma, Saponella offers a gentle laundry solution without harsh chemicals such as bleaches and synthetic fragrances. Its unique formula, made from natural soapstone ensures fabrics stay soft. Use sparingly - just 10ml for washing machines - and consider overnight soaking for deep cleaning or stain removal. Enjoy longer-lasting cleaning fibres and a healthier laundry routine with Saponella.

How To Use

Washing machine: Front load washing machines use 10 to 15 ml. Top load washing machines use 15 to 20 ml. These measurements are for normal soiled clothing. For heavily soiled clothing use as directed on package. We recommend pre-treating stains with Rollfix Protective Formula. Soak whites in cold water with Ha-Ra® Saponella. For coloured laundry, dissolve Ha-Ra® Saponella in warm water. To reduce static, use 4 drops of Protective formula. Use Kalkex when washing with hard water. No need for softeners thanks to the Soapstone in the Saponella.

For daily cleaning of white laundry in the washing machine. Ideally suited for cleaning the high-quality Ha-Ra fibers. Not suitable for wool and silk. TIP: We recommend the Ha-Ra Saponella color detergent for coloured laundry.

Equally suitable for domestic and commercial machines between 20 ° and 95 °C. Store the product in a cool, dry place and tightly closed. Can be used for at least 2 years if stored properly. Observe the care instructions on the textiles. New colored textiles can bleed. Therefore, check for color fastness and first wash separately at max. 40 °C.

Where To Use

Saponella excels not only in its eco-friendly composition but also in enhancing the brilliance of white laundry. Its unique formula ensures that whites are not only thoroughly cleaned but also maintain their brightness, bringing out the best in your white garments with each wash.

How Does It Work

Saponella is a two-in-one cleaning powder that is incredibly efficient and affordable and won't harm the "healthy" bacteria in your septic tank. It is not poisonous or a pollutant. made from naturally occuring soapstone that has been powdered and mixed with a Saponella plant extract. The low suds powder keeps the filth suspended in the washing machine so that both the powder and the dirt are entirely washed out of the fabric. Saponella is the best washing powder for psoriasis patients, allergy sufferers, and asthmatics because it doesn't leave a residue on the clothes like traditional washing powders do. It is very easily degraded.

What Is It Made Of

Formula free from microplastics, free from colorants and preservatives, free from phosphates, free from silicones, free from zeolites (aluminum), free from animal-derived ingredients. Store the product in a cool, dry place and tightly closed. Can be used for at least 2 years if stored properly.

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

Saponella earns its eco-friendly label by avoiding harmful chemicals and boasting a biodegradable formula. Its high concentration reduces water usage, and it's gentle on Ha-Ra products, helping to prolong their lifespan.