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Pet Care Glove

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Glove for Pets

The Pet Care Glove is designed to care for the coat of your pets and animals including cats, dogs and horses and most other animals with fur. It reduces hair loss and dissolves fats, stops odours and cleans the pores of the animal's skin while also giving them a pampering massage. 

  • Let us take care of your precious pet
  • Take smelly odours away by using the pet glove 
  • Simple, easy, animal-friendly way to stop hair loss and dissolve fats
  • Cleans the pores of the animal's skin
  • Suitable for cats, dogs, horses, guinea pigs
  • It has two different fibres on the two sides of the glove: The blue side for brushing out the animal's fur and for removing dirt, grease and superficial, light tick infestations
  • The white side is for gentle cleaning and care

Front 100% Polyester / Back 100% Polyester Microfiber

How to use
Put one drop of the ph-neutral detergent in a 500 ml spray bottle and fill with water. Spray this onto the light side of the glove and wipe over the animal's coat, once this is done turn the glove over and use the blue side to pick up excess dirt and hair. 

Gently brush the beloved pet with the blue glove side. Dirt can also be picked up with the white PUR side. Then rinse the glove under clear water and allow to dry after each use. 

This pet grooming glove is the perfect alternative to a brush. Dirt, grease and loose hair can be easily brushed out and the animal is gently massaged. The Ha-Ra pet gloves were designed by animal lovers for busy pet owners to meet their needs. If you want to make sure that your pet stays clean while you groom them, but you don't want to have to deal with a messy bathroom. The glove is also ideal if you would like to give your furry friend a speedy wash before you take him or her out in the car or caravan. The Pet Care Glove makes maintaining your pet's cleanliness a breeze, requiring only a few easy steps regardless of where you may be. 

This cleaning method delivers the desired results while providing a hassle-free cleaning experience that will leave your pet smelling fresh without the need for a bath. These gloves can be used wet or dry and are kind to both dogs and cats, and you can use them without worry. These gloves have a special combination of specials fibres. They can also be utilised as a helpful grooming tool for the removal of stray hair.

What do clients think about the pet glove? 
"My cats used to be terrified of the brush I used to use on them, but now they enjoy it while I'm brushing them. Before I got this cleaning glove, I used a regular brush, but my cats hated it. This made grooming such a hard task." Nancy

"This is my second pet care glove. I used the first one for many years on my dog. He loved the gentle strokes and the results were amazing. I just ordered another one to keep separate for my cats. Couldn't recommend this product highly enough." John 

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