Dishwashing Rinse Aid 500ml


The Shiny One: Our shine rinser turbocharges the drying process within your dishwasher, guaranteeing a dazzling, streak-free gleam on dishes, glasses, and cutlery.

  • Rinse aid in organic quality for a radiant, streak-free shine on crockery, glasses and cutlery
  • Effectively removes water stains and food residue and accelerates the drying process
  • Very good skin tolerance and particularly suitable for allergy sufferers (confirmed by dermatologists)

Water stains and leftover food are effectively removed. The Ha-Ra Rinse Aid is suitable for all common dishwashers. It is environmentally friendly and kind to the skin. The ideal addition to the Ha-Ra dishwashing detergent.

How To Use

Rinse aids are added to dishwashers to help remove food and film from dishes during the final rinse cycle of the dishwasher. Additionally, rinse aids improve the effectiveness of the drying cycle of the dishwasher, which results in dishes that are drier and have fewer water spots. In order to reduce the amount of time spent drying the dishes before they can be put away, many households utilise rinse aids in their machines.

Where To Use

The rinse aid is ready to use in a dosing bottle. Carefully fill the dosing tank according to the device manufacturer's instructions. Make sure the container is always full.

How Does It Work

The "rinse aid" section of the dishwasher, which is normally located adjacent to the detergent compartment, is where rinse aids are stored when they are being used in the appliance. After being added to the dishwasher, the rinse aid will remain inactive until the washing machine reaches the rinse cycle. The dishwasher will remove any remaining detergent from the dishes using hot water and will apply rinse aid to the dishes as well as the interior of the dishwasher itself while it is operating the rinse cycle. This successfully coats both the dishes and the interior of the dishwasher in a water-repellent (surfactant) solution, which not only lowers the surface tension of the water but also makes the water easier to rinse off. The use of this rinse-aid solution makes it possible for the water to drain off the dishes more quickly and evaporate more quickly during the drying cycle. 

What Is It Made Of

Citric Acid, Alcohols, C12-14, ethoxylated propoxylated

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

Only a small amount of our shine rinser is needed to achieve optimal results, ensuring efficiency and minimizing waste.


 What is a microfibre cleaning system? 
Hans Raab, for whom Ha-Ra was named, created micro fibre technology in Germany in the late 1970s. Hans Raab, the owner of a cleaning business with roughly 100 employees, started to worry about the high rates of disease among his personnel, especially eczema and asthma. He discovered a method for creating fibres with millions of filaments that can pick up and hold dirt after years of research. These fibres enter even the smallest pits and fractures in surfaces, which chemical cleaners used in conventional cleaning procedures simply clog.

What is Ha-Ra? 
Hans Raab founded Ha-Ra in the late 1970s, and the company began producing on a significant scale in the early 1980s. Hans Raab's use of his own window cleaner to break the world record for window washing in Switzerland in 1984 and his receipt of a Gold Medal at the Inventors Fair in Basel in 1982 were two occasions that truly helped to promote the technology. Since then, Ha-Ra has developed into an international corporation with operations in over 50 nations. It is not only the world's leading manufacturer of microfiber cleaning products, but it was also the first to develop this technology.