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Natura Pure Cloth - 100% Cotton

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100% Cotton Natura Pure Cloth

If you are looking for a natural alternative to a microfibre cloth, our Natura Pure cotton cloth will delight you. It was specially developed for the gentle cleaning and care of wooden furniture, but can also be used on all surfaces in the household.

  • Cleaning Cloth made of 100% cotton from controlled organic farming, completely biodegradable and compostable
  • Ideal for cleaning and maintaining high quality and sensitive surfaces e.g. wood, furniture, bench tops, splash backs, high chairs etc. 
  • This is a very popular kitchen cloth, however it is important to rotate a few cloths on a regular basis, which will allow them to dry off completely  
  • Hand-made in Germany, each piece is unique

100% organic cotton 

28 x 23 cm

Specially developed for gentle care and cleaning of high-quality furniture surfaces. Also wonderfully suited as an ecological substitute for microfibre: Can be used on all surfaces in the entire household as a multi-functional cloth. 

The fibres and material of the Ha-Ra® Natura Pure Cotton Cloth are made of 100% cotton and have been designed to clean and absorb in one step. You can clean a heavily soiled surfaces with the Viva-Ultra Cloth (scrubbing fibre) and collect the grime and excess moisture with a Ha-Ra® Natura Pure Cotton Cloth to absorb any excess moisture and residue.

You don't have to push hard on the surface and allow the cloth to simply absorb. If dirt build up has not been completely removed from the surface with a scrubbing fibre, you will feel the fibres grabbing. This cloth can also absorb a lot of liquid, which comes very handy in the kitchen or bathroom.

It is very popular to clean high chairs and bench tops as it's fibres absorb fine crumbs and leftover food easily. No chemicals are required - you can clean with water only. Due to the fact that the fibres are natural cotton only, it is very important to allow the cloth to dry naturally or rinse and wash in the washing machine on a regular basis. It may leave lint on some occasions particularly when it is brand new and unwashed. We recommend to wash it before use. Do not use this cloth in combination with harsh chemicals or acid, as it will destroy the fibres. Some people like the absorbing cloth in the kitchen as a wiping cloth because it leaves the surfaces clean without having to dry off afterwards. 

After use, always rinse the Ha-Ra® Natura Pure Cotton Cloth in warm water or wash it with pure soap if badly soiled. It is recommended to wash the cloth in the washing machine not higher than 40° C using the Saponella washing powder and then allowing it to dry under the sun. 

These incredibly absorbent and machine-washable cleaning cloths are made from 100% natural cotton that comes from sustainable sources. They dry fast and are strong on filth and stains while maintaining a soft texture. They won't scratch your surfaces and are one of our bestsellers for kitchens and bathrooms. 

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