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Natura Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning Cloth

The Natura Cleaning Cloth is made from a combination of polyester and cotton fibres, enabling you to clean and dry in one step. The polyester fibre cleans and moisturises, the cotton fabric absorbs the water and dirt. It also removes the need to polish as the surface will dry streak-free making it ideal for quick damp dusting.

58%: white polyester fibre 42%: natural cotton fibre Pile height: 11mm Size 25 x 30 cm 

How to use
Add a drop of Protective Formula to 2 litres of water, immerse the cloth and then wring it out. You can also use the fibre with just plain water. Wipe the surface to be cleaned, the surface will dry without streaking.

Where to use
Ha-Ra recommend using the Natura Cleaning Cloth for cleaning the living area, cabinets, colorfast leather furniture, doors furniture, glass and marble tables, office furniture, televisions, window frames, wood and plastic surfaces, wood paneling, and bathrooms, plumbing and wet areas.


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Cleaning Cloth