Lint Cleaning Glove


Leaves lint and hair no chance! Both your clothing and your upholstered furniture are gently removed from annoying hair and lint.

  • Ideal for soft furnishings, clothes, fabric, curtains and upholstery 
  • Designed to remove lint, fluff, dust, hair and more
  • With two different sides, equally suitable for left and right-handers
  • The specially developed brush velour made of hard-wearing polyamide is abrasion-resistant and durable

The double-sided lint glove picks up lint, fluff and dust with its special fabric. Your clothes and upholstered furniture will be gently freed from any annoying hair and lint. 

How to use 
The Lint Glove is a simple and effective tool that can be used to remove unwanted lint, dust, fluff, and even pet hair from your clothing and furnishings. The lint glove can be reused multiple times and is an absolute must-have for pet owners. After each use, brush against the grain to remove any lint, fluff, or hair that may have accumulated on your lint glove. Wash and repeat the process whenever your fibre becomes coated or appears dirty.

Where to use 
Lint, fluff, and hair can be collected by wiping over clothing or furniture in a single movement.

How it works
Lint is attracted and captured in a timely and efficient manner and the sticky, one-time-use lint roller tape has been replaced by a lint remover that can be reused. It's very simple to use; all you have to do is wipe in one direction to get rid of lint, fluff, and hair. Clothing and textiles will not be damaged, and there will be no sticky residue. This product has excellent value because it is long-lasting and can be reused for many years. We can wash and reuse this item various times to avoid plastic going into landfill. Durability is ensured by it's high quality made in Germany and a strict quality checks. The lint glove is designed with high-quality, long-lasting fibres that are carefully lifting unwanted lint, fluff, and hair from clothing and furniture. Unwanted lint is trapped by the fibres in an effective way without being released. There is no residue left, which could be sticky. There is also no unnecessary single-use tape. To prepare the lint fibre for multiple-uses reuse, simply remove any lint, fluff, or hair that may be present.

Ha-Ra's sustainable cleaning products are designed to be durable and reusable over multiple cleaning sessions. If you take proper care of your lint glove, it will continue to perform its intended function of picking up lint from your clothes and soft furnishings for many years.

How to you care for your lint glove? 
The Ha-Ra lint glove does not need to be washed daily or on a regular basis. After use, simply remove any lint, fluff, or hair that may have become trapped. When you begin to notice that your Lint Glove is starting to look a little dirty or is saturated with fine fluff that you are unable to easily remove, it is time to wash it.

What do clients think about the lint glove? 
"This glove works brilliantly on our sofa. We have two dogs and I couldn't recommend it highly enough." Isabel 

"I used to use the tape lint rollers before I was gifted a Ha-Ra lint glove with my last purchase. It is a brilliant product. I just ordered a second one to keep in my caravan when we are on holidays." Madeleine