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Limited Edition: Ha-Ra Original Frying Pan with removable Handle

GST included.
Original Ha-Ra frying pan with removable handle: for frying fish, meat and vegetables. With multi-layer material for high durability and scratch resistance.
  • Non-stick frying pan
  • Multi-layer material made of stainless steel and aluminum
Ha-Ra's limited edition frying pan is the all-rounder for roasting and cooking meat, fish and vegetables. 

The Ha-Ra frying pan is ideal for frying and cooking including gas cookers, electric cookers and ceramic cookers. Even for the oven. It is heat-resistant and ovenproof. Every dish, whether meat, fish or vegetables, is fried or cooked to perfection thanks to the even and long heat distribution.

Multiple layers of stainless steel and aluminum and the non-stick coating ensure searing and even cooking, with approximately 60% better heat distribution than a single-layer stainless steel pan. The design and material supports even distribution and regulates the supply over the entire pan surface without the ingredients to be fried sticking and burning.

The innovative structure is particularly striking in the design, which not only provides an extreme degree of hardness without scratching, but also looks particularly modern. The pan is easy to handle without constantly slipping back and forth. The long handle can be removed.

While frying pans usually run the risk of being scratched and the non-stick coating destroyed when metal kitchen utensils are used, from a simple whisk to the use of electrical appliances, the Ha-Ra frying pan remains cut and scratch-resistant. The hardness of stainless steel also support the longevity of the pan. Intensive use is guaranteed for a long time thanks to the structure and the qualitative processing.

Cleaning pans can present significant difficulties with simple skillet products. Ha-Ra frying pans can be easily cleaned with steel wool or a Viva Ultra Cloth or Dish Cloth without scratching.

The Ha-Ra pans have been tested over the years. Extreme stability, high performance and longevity are the core requirements for your own personal favourite pan.

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