Leather Balm 10ml incl. Mini cloth (sample size)


Leather Conditioner Mini Cloth and 10ml Bottle (sample size)

Using organic beeswax and lanolin, the Ha-Ra Leather Balm hydrates and waterproofs leather in a single step. No polishing is necessary; you may achieve supple, pliable leather in just one step. After the wax has entered the leather and dried, a sheen will develop.

Beeswax and lanolin are the only ingredients in this natural leather balm. In a single step, it feeds, moisturises, and impregnates smooth leather. The treatment prevents water stains and keeps the leather supple and permeable. Ideal for cleaning and caring for leather apparel, leather furniture, leather shoes, leather belts, and leather bags. however, for balls, bridles, saddles, or apparel for motorcycles.

Pure beeswax, Lanolin that has been cleared of herbicides and pesticides, is free of silicone oil, has an endless shelf life, and contains only pharmaceutical-grade raw materials (DAB 10)

How to use
Apply the wax with the leather cloth. Give the balm at least 24 hours to absorb into leather items like seats and garments. You can buff the wax for more lustre when it has dried. For applying the leather balm, we advise using the compact, convenient Ha-Ra leather care cloth. With the speckled blue side, very thinly apply the balm to the region that needs cleaning. Allow to take. Use the cleaning cloth's white side to polish the surface.

Where to use
All genuine leather products, furniture, automobile dashboards, synthetic materials, and waxed woods are advised.

All you require to take good care of your beloved leather items and make sure they last a long time is the Ha-Ra Leather Balm. Your leather goods will last longer if you take care of them. You'll notice that leather has never looked better than it does after applying the balm to your leather objects, whether they are shoes, luggage, furniture, or even the seats of your car. After applying this balsam, your leather item will seem as good as new because it enhances the colour and texture of the leather and hides any imperfections or little scratches that could be present.

Leather conditioner cleans and polishes any leather without adding more shine, repairs, maintains, and nourishes the leather, keeps and refreshes colours, and repairs, maintains, and nourishes the leather. Learn how simple it is to maintain leather. Snow, salt, and watermarks can be avoided and removed with leather balm. Absolutely wonderful piece that belongs in every family's and home's collection. Apply the balm on saddles, motorcycle racing outfits, leather shoes and bags, leather clothing, leather furniture and car seats, saddles, and any other leather things you may have. This product is perfect for caring for full-grain leather as well as other types of real or synthetic leather.

Although genuine leather, unlike upholstery, tends to look better with age, this does not mean that it does not require any kind of care or maintenance to keep it looking its best. Keep in mind the following guidelines and recommendations when cleaning your leather furniture.

  • Avoiding direct sunlight on leather furniture is crucial.
  • Spills are less likely to cause stains or discolouration if you clean them up as soon as they occur.
  • A microfiber cloth should be used once each week to dust and clean the furniture. Additionally, a vacuum can be used, but only if a soft cloth is used to avoid scratching the surface.