Kalkex Natural Descaler 250g Refill


Kalkex is a natural descaler that is made of 100% natural citric acid from natural raw materials ideal to tackle hard water deposits. 

Kalkex is odourless, 100% biodegradable, dissolves quickly and completely in water, and is 100% concentrated when compared to descalers that contain vinegar.

100% Citric Acid

How to use
Dissolve Ha-Ra® Kalkex, 10 grammes or 1 teaspoon, in a 500 ml spray bottle. Spray the solution on the surface you would like to clean (like a shower screen) and let it sit for about five minutes. To remove and gather mineral build-up, massage in a circular manner with Ultra fibres or scrub cloths. After thoroughly rinsing the area to get rid of the Kalkex, dry it with a Ha-Ra® cloth. Ha-Ra® Kalkex only lasts a short time once it has been dissolved in water.

Where to use
Ideal for cleaning toilets, faucets, and coffee makers of lime scale. Cleans tiles of cement haze. removes calcium deposits from sanitary areas and swimming pool walls. Depending on how hard the water is, Kalkex may occasionally be added while using Saponella in the dishwasher or washing machine. Only materials that are resistant to acid may be utilised with the product. Please don't use on surfaces like marble or limestone. Please follow the manufacturer's directions before decalcifying your gadgets with Hans Raab Kalkex.

The Ha-Ra Kalkex is a natural descaler that works great for cleaning appliances, fixtures, toilets, shower walls, and coffee makers. It eliminates even tenacious limescale and is made of 100 percent pure food-grade citric acid. The Ha-Ra descaler also has no smell and disintegrates completely in water. More than 12 litres of ready-to-use solution are provided by a pack of Kalkex. Use should not be made on substances that are reactive to acidic solutions. 100% biodegradable and very cost-effective to use, Hans Raab Kalkex.

Tips for cleaning a kettle
One of the most common uses for citric acid can be cleaning your kettle. The area inside of your kettle is likely to have the most buildup of limescale if your water is particularly hard. The Kalkex can work its wonders when used with hot water. Limescale is attacked by natural citric acid and is dissolved. Just take off the kettle's top and fill it up until you can see hard water stains along the sides. Add one teaspoon of citric acid and bring the kettle or coffee pot to a boil. After you've rinsed it, look to see whether any staining is still present. It might need to be done several times, but in the end, it will be pristine.

Tips for cleaning your dishwasher 
It's a regular problem that detergents don't totally dissolve in hard water. As a result, soap scum may build up, which can lead to the growth of bacteria and foul odours. This is another another excellent use for citric acid. This problem can be resolved by adding two teaspoons of Kalkex to your dishwasher and running it on the hot cycle. The citric acid will seep into every crevice of the washing machine that you can't see or access. It thoroughly dissolves and removes soap scum, leaving the interior of the machine immaculate. If you try to do this every 30 cycles in homes with hard water, your machine will last much longer.