Kalkex Natural Descaler 250g


The Original Kalkex Natural Descaler, 250g

The Kalkex is a natural descaler, which is made from 100% natural citric acid developed in a complex process from natural raw materials. Compared to descalers that contain vinegar, it is is odourless, 100% biodegradable, dissolves easily and completely in water and is 100% concentrated. 

How To Use

Dissolve 10 grams or 1 teaspoon of Ha-Ra® Kalkex in a 500 ml plastic spray bottle. Spray the liquid on to the affected area (e.g. a shower screen) and leave to stand for approximately 5 minutes. Use Ultra fibres or Scrub cloth in a circular motion to loosen and collect mineral build-up. Rinse the area well with water to remove Kalkex then wipe dry with a Ha-Ra® cloth. Once dissolved in water Ha-Ra® Kalkex has a short shelf life.

Where To Use

Ideal for descaling coffee machines, tapware, toilets. Removes cement haze from tiles. Removes calcium deposits from pool walls and sanitary areas. When using Saponella in the washing machine or dishwasher, Kalkex may be added from time to time depending on the hardness of the water. The product may only be used on acid-resistant materials. Please do not use on limestone, marble or similar. Before you decalcify your devices with Hans Raab Kalkex, please observe the instructions of the device manufacturer.

The Ha-Ra Kalkex is a natural descaling agent and perfect for descaling coffee machines, fittings, toilets, shower walls or household appliances. It consists of 100% pure food-grade citric acid and removes even stubborn limescale. In addition, the Ha-Ra descaler is odorless and dissolves easily and completely in water. A pack of Kalkex gives more than 12 liters of ready-to-use solution. Please do not use on materials that react to acidic solutions. Protect the environment and save money. Hans Raab Kalkex is 100% biodegradable and very economical to use.

What Is It Made Of

Citric acid based


How to clean you kettle?

This may be one of the most typical domestic uses for citric acid. If your water is exceptionally hard, the highest buildup of limescale will likely occur in your kettle.

When you mix the Kalkex with hot water, you can work it's magic. The natural citric acid attacks the limescale, it will be dissolved. Simply remove the kettle's lid and fill it until hard water marks are visible along the sides. Bring the kettle or coffee pot to a boil after adding one teaspoon of citric acid. Check to see whether there is any staining left after you've rinsed it. It might need to be done a few times, but it will be spotless in the end.

How to remove grease and buildup in your dishwasher?

The fact that detergents don't completely dissolve in hard water is a common issue. As a result, soap scum may accumulate, creating a build up for bacteria and unpleasant odours. This is another great application for citric acid. Adding two teaspoons of Kalkex to your dishwasher and running it on the hot cycle will take care of this issue. Every nook and cranny of the washing machine that you can't see or reach will be penetrated by the citric acid. Effectively dissolving and removing soap scum, it leaves the machine's interior spotless. Your machine will survive a lot longer if you try to do this every 30 cycles in houses with hard water.