Floor Cleaning Pad | Short Natural Fibres



The Short White Floor Mopping Pad is ideal for gentle cleaning of marble, high gloss tiles, sealed hardwood, cork flooring and laminate flooring

  • The alternative to microfiber!
  • Cotton blend for streak-free cleaning on smooth floors
  • Combines gentle care, high water absorption and strong cleaning power
  • Convincing cleaning results and exceptional longevity 

The White Floor Cleaning Pad Short is ideal for glossy floor surfaces with its blend of polyester and cotton fibres meaning you can clean and dry in one step, no need to polish as the surface will dry streak-free. This Cleaning Pad for Floors is available in 30cm and 42cm to suit the Floor Cleaning System. 

Blend: pile 58% polyester, 11mm, 42% cotton to effectively absorb water and dirt 

How to use
Add a few drops of Protective Formula to 2 litres of water, add the fibres completely and then squeeze them out. The floor pad can also be sprayed with water from a spray bottle. Make sure to attach the the Cleaning Pad to the Ha-Ra Cleaning System handle and stainless steel floor piece and wipe the floors in a smooth 's' motion, allowing the water and the fibres alone to do the work. There is no need to dry-off the surfaces as they will dry streak-free. If the surfaces are very greasy, you may have to pre-clean with a Mach 6 Floor Cleaning Pad first. 

Where to use
The best choice for natural floors with a smooth finish and recommended for marble, high gloss tiles, sealed hardwood, cork flooring and laminate flooring. This floor cleaning pad is perfect for use on smooth floors due to the short cotton-blend that it contains. As a result of the fibres' composition, which consists of a high-quality cotton blend, they make for an excellent substitute for microfibre. Cotton fibres have the ability to absorb both dirt and water, while polyester fibres can break up grime and make it easier to clean. They are very kind to surfaces, and their use ensures streak-free cleaning as well as the maintenance of smooth floors and surfaces with a high gloss.

This type of cleaning pad features fibres that were designed specifically for use on smooth floors of any kind, but more specifically for the delicate maintenance of oiled and waxed parquet, cork, and hardwood floorboards. The laminate, smooth tiles, high-gloss tiles, marble, and plastic floors are all excellent candidates for cleaning with this product.

How it works:
The fibres of the Ha-Ra® Short White Wet Fibre are made of 42 % cotton (the absorbing fibre) and 58% polyester cleaning fibre (the care and cleaning fibres).
The back of the fibre is woven and mechanically cut with a knife. 

  • Ha-Ra® Short White Wet Fibre should be used slightly damp to absorb the grime and moisture loosened by the Ultra Fibre.
  • It may be used alone for less soiled areas.
  • Move the floor pad in an S motion pulling the grime and moisture in one direction.
  • Ha-Ra® Short White Wet Fibre collects the grime and moisture loosened by the Ultra pad.
  • It is used mainly on glazed smooth surfaces.
  • This pad is excellent for cleaning large dirty benches.

Maintenance of the Fibres
Long fibre life span is guaranteed if the natural washing powder Saponella is used and the following is done: You should rinse the floor pad in the washing machine after each use and allow it to dry in the sun.  You should not leave the pad soaking wet, as this would encourage rotting of the natural fibres.