Floor Cleaning Pad | Long Natural Fibres


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The Long White Floor Mopping Pad is ideal for gentle cleaning of smooth surfaces including plastic, linoleum, stone and timber

  • Our long white floor fibre, made from a high-quality cotton blend, is the alternative to microfibre
  • The Cotton Fibre absorbs water and the Polyester Fibre cleans 
  • The White Long Floor Cleaning Pad can be used for cleaning timber floors unless the floor is very greasy e.g. kitchen area

The Floor Cleaning Pad White Long is perfect for smooth floor surfaces and ideal for walls and ceilings. Available in 30cm and 42cm to suit the Floor Cleaning System. With its longer fibres, this floor cleaning pad is ideal for textured tiles, tiles with joints and all synthetic floors, as the longer fibres get into the grooves. The fibres consist of a high-quality cotton blend and are therefore a wonderful alternative to microfibre. They are particularly gentle on surfaces and ensure streak-free cleaning and care of structured floors.

Blend: 22mm pile 58% polyester, cleans and 42% natural cotton to absorb water and dirt

How to use
Add a drop of Protective Formula to 2 litres of water, immerse the Floor Cleaning Pad White Long and then squeeze it out. The fibre can also be wetted with plain water in a spray bottle. Attach the White Long Floor Pad to a stainless steel Floor Cleaning System handle and floor piece and wipe the surface to be cleaned in an S-motion, allowing the fibres and the water to do the work. No drying is needed as the surface will dry streak-free. 

Where to use
Recommended for plastic, linoleum, stone and timber surfaces. The fibres for this mop were specially developed for use on all structured floors, such as tiles, tiles with joints or stone and synthetic floors. This floor cleaning pad is also suitable for the gentle care of oiled, waxed and sealed parquet, cork and wooden floorboards. Please make sure to use the floor pad slightly damp. 

How it works:
The fibres of the Ha-Ra® Long White Wet Fibre are made of 42 % cotton (the absorbing fibre) and 58% polyester cleaning fibre (the care and cleaning fibres).
The back of the fibre is made of polyamide woven and mechanically cut with a knife. The Ha-Ra® Long White Wet Fibre is used slightly damp to absorb the grime loosened by the Ultra fibre Floor Pad. Wipe the floor with this pad using an S motion pulling the grime and moisture in one direction. Ha-Ra® Long White Wet Fibre is a follow up pad to collect the grime and moisture loosened by the Ultra Floor Pad. For timber floors this pad will be adequate unless the floor is extremely greasy such as the kitchen area. Generally, the Long White Floor Pad may be used on its own for cleaning less soiled areas. 

Maintenance of the fibre life span is guaranteed if the Saponella washing powder is used and the following are done: The floor pad is rinsed and/or washed in the washing machine after use and sun dried. The pad is not left soaking which would encourage rotting. The pad is shaken after washing to prevent fibre matting.