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Nano Pure White Floor Cleaning Pad
Nano White Cleaning Cloth for Floors
Pure White Nano Floor Cleaning Pad
Nano White Floor Mop Pads
Nano Pure White Floor Cleaning Pad

Floor Cleaning Pad Nano Pure White

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  • 30cm
  • 42cm
  • 32.5cm

Nano Pure White Floor Cleaning Pad

For a fast, steak-free clean on smooth & high-gloss floors, arm yourself with a Pure White Nano Floor Cleaning Pad. When you wipe a surface with the Nano Pure White Floor Cleaning Pad and its Nano-Fibres it makes water bubbles burst, creating high intensity cleaning power. The Cleaning Pad is highly absorbent, you will easily remove any dirt and bacteria. 

White fibre: 100% polyester, 13 mm pile with very high capillary action 

How to use
Add 2 drops of Protective Formula to 5 litres of water then immerse the Cleaning Pad in the water and squeeze out. Then, attach it to a Floor Cleaning System and wipe the surface to be cleaned in an 's' motion. If the floors are very dusty or sandy we recommend to pre-clean with our Dry Dusting Pad. 

Where to use
This mop's fibres were made to work well on smooth floors like granite or marble and to take care of oiled and sealed parquet floors gently. This floor cleaner is also great for smooth tiles, high-gloss tiles, fine stone, and all synthetic floors. For floors that are easily damaged by water, always wring out the fibres very well because they can hold a lot of water.

  • Sealed wood, parquet, cork and linoleum soils as well as laminate, vinyl and PVC
  • High gloss and soft plastic surfaces as well as plexiglass and acrylic
  • Smooth tiles without or with very shallow grout 

Please ensure you select the correct size Floor Cleaning Pad for your flooring system from the drop down menu above. If you are unsure of what size you need, simply measure the length of the bottom of your floor system. 

The ultra-fine, high-density, high-performance microfibres on this floor cleaning pad are what makes it stand out. The structure is very soft and thick, and it has more than 69 million individual fibres. This makes it very good at picking up dirt and cleaning smooth, lightly soiled floors without leaving streaks. The white fibres have a high capillary cleaning effect and cover a huge area when used on the stainless steel floor cleaning system. You can clean up to 50 square metre at once without having to add water or rinse the pad. This floor cleaning pad is great for wet cleaning shiny, high-gloss tile and marble floors without leaving streaks. 

The Ha-Ra floor cleaner pads and mats are known for being very strong, easy to use, safe for the environment, able to soak up a lot of water, cleaning well, and not breaking or tearing easily. 

All Ha-Ra products clean the various surfaces particularly thoroughly and ensure a clean home in which you will feel comfortable. You can rely on the various floor pads. Each individual product has been manufactured with particular care and has various properties that make a home thoroughly clean. And since cleanliness begins at the entrance to the apartment or house, we recommend high-quality floor mats, where the fine fibres absorb dirt and moisture and the coarse fibres brush off the remaining dirt. Cleanliness can be that simple today!


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