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Floor Cleaning Pad Mach 6

Floor Cleaning Pad

For a fast, thorough clean on modern smooth floors, arm yourself with a Mach 6 Floor Cleaning Pad. The cleaning power of the Mach 6 Floor Cleaning Pad is created by the action of the Pad itself: when you wipe a surface with the Pad it makes water bubbles burst, creating high intensity cleaning power that cleans deeply. As the Cleaning Pad is highly absorbent, you will easily remove any dirt and bacteria. The Mach 6 Cleaning Pad is available in 30cm and 42cm to suit the Floor Cleaning System.

White fibre: 100% polyester, 13 mm pile with very high capillary action Blue-white fibre: pile height 20mm

How to use
Add 2 drops of Protective Formula to 5 litres of water then immerse the Pad in the water and squeeze out. Then, attach it to a Floor Cleaning System and wipe the surface to be cleaned in an 's' motion.

Where to use
Recommended for all surfaces, including timber, cork, granite, marble, painted wooden ceilings, parquetry, porcelain, sealed PVC, smooth plastic, ceramic tiles and walls.

Please ensure you select the correct size Floor Cleaning Pad for your flooring system from the drop down menu above. 
If you are unsure of what size you need, simply measure the length of the bottom of your floor system.

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Floor Cleaning Pad