Floor Cleaning Pad | Shiny Surfaces



Hard-working All-Rounder for almost all surfaces including  smooth and structured floors 

  • The hard-working all-round soil fibre comes with an enormous water absorption at the edges.
  • Thanks to this integrated water reservoir, it achieves the best absorption performance of all Ha-Ra fibres.
  • It can clean up to 50 m² in one go without absorbing new water
  • It can be used universally - as typical all-rounder

For a fast, thorough clean on modern smooth floors, arm yourself with a Mach 6 Floor Cleaning Pad. The cleaning power of the Mach 6 Floor Cleaning Pad is created by the action of the Pad itself: when you wipe a surface with the Pad it makes water bubbles burst, creating high intensity cleaning power that cleans deeply. As the Cleaning Pad is highly absorbent, you will easily remove any dirt and bacteria. The Mach 6 Cleaning Pad is available in 30cm and 42cm to suit the Floor Cleaning System.

White fibre: 100% polyester, 13 mm pile with very high capillary action Blue-white fibre: pile height 20mm

How to use
Add 2 drops of Protective Formula to 5 litres of water then immerse the cleaning pad in the water and squeeze out. Then, attach it to a Floor Cleaning System and wipe the surface to be cleaned in an 's' motion. The Mach 6 fibres have an extremely high cleaning power and an extraordinarily high capillary action. The Nano range is ideal for high gloss surfaces as it leaves no cleaning marks. It releases the dirt that it has picked up very well when it is washed out. Drying after you have cleaned the surface is not necessary, as the surfaces dry without leaving streaks.

Where to use
The fibres for this mop consist of high-quality polyester microfibres. They were specially developed for use on all smooth and structured floors, in particular for the gentle care of sealed parquet, cork and wooden floorboards. This floor pad is also excellent for smooth tiles, textured tiles, marble, granite and all plastic floors including timber, granite, painted wooden ceilings, parquetry, porcelain, sealed PVC, smooth plastic, ceramic tiles and walls. 

How it works:
Innovative water reservoirs, which are incorporated into the edge of the floor pad, ensure enormous water absorption and water distribution and thus increase the area performance when cleaning. This all-rounder floor mop can be used universally on smooth and structured floors indoors without changing the floor fibre. It is therefore a good decision for the undecided.  The Mach 6 Floor Pad belongs to the Nanofiber series and consists of 2 fiber types and height structures. The white structure consists of densely woven fibres with a very high capillary effect, which means that it can effectively release water and absorb dirt. The blue fibres are a further development of the Ultra fibre. It tears up the dirt and grime and increases the physical-mechanical cleaning effect.

The Ha-Ra floor cleaning fibres are known for their exceptional durability, gentle care, environmental compatibility, high water absorption, strong cleaning power and high resistance to breakage and tearing. They have been tested and used in professional and commercial cleaning settings.