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Floor Cleaning Pad Hedgehog with fine bristles to clean all smooth and structured floors including tiles and grout 

  • Finest high-quality microfiber for the best dirt absorption and the most efficient cleaning result
  • Clean up to 60 m² in one go without taking in new water
  • Convincing cleaning results and exceptional longevity 

The blue fibre dislodges rough dirt, the white fibre picks it up. This commercial grade cleaning product is designed for intense cleaning power; when moving the pad, the nanofibres' design bursts the bubbles of water between the capillaries of the individual fibres for increased cleaning power. The Floor Cleaning Pad Hedgehog Soft is the household version of the Hedgehog Floor Cleaning Series. This very thick, soft, nanofibre structure has more than 69 million individual nanofibres, each carrying 6 to 7 times their own weight in water. 

The Nano Hedgehog Soft Floor Pad is characterised by 2 different fibre types and is particularly suitable for wet cleaning of smooth and structured floors and tile joints. The white fibres in the center of the floor wiper are ultra-fine, high-density, high-performance microfibres. This very thick, soft structure with over 69 million individual fibres ensures the best dirt absorption and highly efficient, streak-free cleaning. The blue monofilament bristles on the side edges tear up deep-seated dirt and loosen coarse dirt. 

How to use 
First use a Dry Dusting Cleaning Pad to collect finer dust particles, then clean with a wet Hedgehog Soft Floor Cleaning Pad. Continue to rinse the Floor Cleaning Pad in a Squeeze bucket as you clean to prevent streaks. Can be used in combination with our ph neutral floor cleaner. Please make sure to only use a very small amount of the Protective Formula as it is highly concentrated. 

Where to use 
Recommended for all new-age stone surfaces, fine stone floors, heavy-duty granite floors, marble floors, non-slip floors, sandstone floors and travertine. The fine bristles are ideal to clean tile grout. The Ha-Ra floor cleaning system is not only gentle on the floor surfaces, but also on your back. It is designed in such a way that your back is always straight and the spine is protected. When cleaning, apply light pressure to the fibres and clean in "figure-eight" loops. This allows you to achieve optimal and gentle cleaning power without effort. For a streak-free result, use only a few drops of concentrated full care (3 drops in 5 liters of water) and clean with a slightly damp cloth. Moisten the floor mop with water and detergent and then wring it out well. Too much moisture or detergent will produce streaks. Only clean parquet with a damp mist. Subsequent drying is not necessary.

What our clients say: 
"In addition to the soft material, the so-called "hedgehog fibre" has additional synthetic threads - comparable to the material of a thin fishing line. This floor cloth has excellent cleaning performance. I used this floor cloth for the terrace floor and for robust porcelain stoneware tiles." - Review via Amazon Germany

"I am enthusiastic about this floor wiper, cleans perfectly, the tiles are free of streaks. Many people in my circle of acquaintances also use this product!" - Review from Gerlinde via Amazon Germany 

"This is certainly my favourite floor cleaning product. Have you seen how thick it is? I only replaced my fibre after almost 9 years. Nothing comes close to the quality of Ha-Ra." - Amanda