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Floor Cleaning Pad Hedgehog Gold

Floor Cleaning Pad

If you have a large, tough or stone floor area to clean, you need the Floor Cleaning Pad Hedgehog Gold. This is the heavy duty version of the Hedgehog Cleaning series, made from very thick, soft, nanofibre structure with more than 69 million individual nanofibres, each carrying 6 to 7 times their own weight in water.

The Floor Cleaning Pad Hedgehog Gold has intense cleaning power - when moving the pad, the nanofibres' design bursts the bubbles of water between the capillaries of the individual fibres for increased cleaning power.

100% polyester nano fibre

How to use 
First use a Dry Dusting Cleaning Pad pad to collect finer dust particles, then clean with a wet Hedgehog Gold Floor Cleaning Pad. Continue to rinse the Hedgehog Gold Floor Cleaning Pad in a Press Butler Bucket as you clean to prevent streaks. 

Where to use 
Recommended for all new-age stone surfaces, fine stone floors, heavy-duty granite floors, marble floors, non-slip floors, sandstone floors and travertine. It is also suitable for a large household or commercial cleaning (hotels, restaurants or shops). 

Please ensure you select the correct size Floor Cleaning Pad for your flooring system from the drop down menu above. If you are unsure of what size you need, simply measure the length of the bottom of your floor system.

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Floor Cleaning Pad