Fat and Grease Cloth


Double-sided Scrubbing Cloth ideal for Fat, Grease and Grime for Kitchens, BBQ's and Ovens

  • Ideal for all fatty and greasy surfaces 
  • The white scrubbing fibre supports the removal off stubborn grease
  • The grey fibre is lighter and removes grime, grease and build up
  • Can also be used for other surfaces such as tiles, bathroom surfaces or dishes

The Fat and Grease Cloth is a versatile, double-sided cleaner that can be used for a wide variety of cleaning tasks. It was created specifically to remove tough filth from hard-to-reach locations on smooth and hard surfaces, both indoors and out. As the name suggests, this is a special scrubbing cloth which is made of a white and grey high-density fibre to remove even the most stubborn grease and fat. 

How To Use

Immerse the Fat & Grease Cloth in water that has a drop of Protective Formula added to it, and then squeeze as much water out of it as you can. Make circular motions over the area that needs to be cleaned, allowing the water and the fibres in the cleaning solution to do the heavy lifting and break up the grime and grease. After you have finished drying off, use a Polishing Cloth to dry off for a streak-free finish on shiny surfaces.

Where To Use

This cloth works really well on all greasy or fatty surfaces. It is ideal to clean your bbq, oven, range hoods, splash backs, deep fryer and much more. 

How Does It Work

This cloth obtains an extremely high density, which in turn ensures that it has remarkable fat-dissolving properties. It is suitable for use on the roughest surfaces that have become contaminated with oil and fat, such as the inside of ovens and barbecues. It was developed specifically for the purpose of removing grease soiling, which can be found in the oven and the grill, on extractor hoods, and on the backsplash in the kitchen. The cloth can also be used for washing dishes. You can follow up with a Star Polishing Cloth to get a finish that is streak-free on shiny surfaces. The Viva Scrub Cleaning Cloth is one of our most popular chemical-free cleaning items that we provide, and it has been implemented into commercial settings for many years. Our fibres were designed to function effectively with only the use of water. If you are having trouble removing tough stains, such as oven grime that has baked on, we suggest combining your fibres with our ph-neutral detergent or our Blue Cleaning Paste. This will give you the best results. Our ph-neutral Protective Formula is an eco-friendly and biodegradable detergent that helps our fibres to gently slide over surfaces, preventing harm to your products. It also helps maintain our fibres' high quality over the years. After you have finished your cleaning job, you need to make sure that your cleaning gloves and cleaning cloths are thoroughly rinsed and then hung up to dry. It is recommended to ensure that you do not forget to remove thoroughly drenched fibres from the kitchen sink. Before you wash your fibres in the washing machine, please give them a quick rinse with warm running water before selecting the gentle cycle on your washing machine and using a detergent that does not include bleach.

What Is It Made Of

White Fibre: 100% polyester, 9 mm pile height
Grey Fibre: 100% polyester, 8 mm pile height

15 x 9 cm

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

This commercial-grade quality grease and fat cloth is eco-friendly because it's reusable, chemical-free, and replaces disposable cleaning products.