All-Purpose Eco Family Cleaner for hygienically Sensitive Areas 1l


Introducing the Ha-Ra Family Hygiene Cleaner: Your Ultimate Solution for Hygienically Sensitive Areas.

The All-Purpose Eco Family Cleaner is ideally suited for hygienically sensitive areas such as refrigerators, children's toys or kitchen surfaces etc. It reliably removes all types of organic dirt (e.g. insect remains on the vehicle, mould, green coverings outside, kitchen dirt) and makes dark tile grout light again.

  • Pure organic product based on mineral salts (produced in accordance with the EC Organic Regulation)
  • Gentle formulation - for a clear conscience: does not irritate human skin or eyes
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers as it is free of colourings, fragrances and preservatives
  • Ideal for powerful cleaning of all types of organic dirt

Areas of application
For intensive cleaning of hygienically sensitive areas such as children's toys or refrigerator. Ideally suited for all types of organic dirt such as kitchen grease, food leftovers, green growths outdoors, insect remains on the vehicle, mould stains and much more. Even darkened tile joints look like new again.


  • Add 25 – 50 ml to 5 liters of cleaning water and wipe with a Ha-Ra fiber or a Ha-Ra cloth.
  • n the case of heavy soiling, spray on undiluted, leave to take effect and remove with a Ha-Ra fiber or a Ha-Ra cloth.

Components are mineral salts in combination with a vegetable surfactant. Free from colorants, fragrances and preservatives. Ingredients: Purified water, sodium hydroxide, soap, sodium chloride, hydrogen peroxide

The All-Purpose Eco Family Cleaner impresses with its gentle recipe based on mineral salts. The perfect cleaning agent for hygienically sensitive areas such as children's toys or refrigerators. Also suitable for removing all types of organic dirt such as insect residues on the vehicle, green growth and moss outdoors, food residues or kitchen grease, e.g. on extractor hoods. Use the Ha-Ra Family Hygiene Cleaner against mould stains in the bathroom and make dark tile joints shine again.

The deep-acting Ha-Ra Family Hygiene Cleaner is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and families with small children, as it is free of colourings, fragrances and preservatives. It is therefore suitable for homes with little humans and animals.

Regular cleaning (maintenance cleaning): For the first use, fill a spray bottle with the Ha-Ra Family Hygiene Cleaner from the 1 liter storage bottle. This is a ready-to-use power cleaner for spraying. When used diluted, use a mixing ratio of 1:100 (50 ml Ha-Ra Family Hygiene Cleaner to 5 liters of water). Please use cold water (< 30°C).

Basic cleaning/special cleaning: Use only on acid-resistant surfaces, not suitable for enamel, marble and lime-bound stone surfaces. Spray on the surfaces and interior to be cleaned and wipe with a damp cloth without leaving to take effect. In the shower or bath area, rinsing off with the hand shower is sufficient. No time-consuming scrubbing or intensive rubbing dry.

Instructions for use
Shake well before use. Protect from sunlight. Store at room temperature. Beware of marble. Do not use on uncoated aluminum, tin and zinc. 

General Kitchen Cleaning
You will find that your cupboards, bench tops, range hoods, as well as your pots and pans, become oily and dirty after some time has passed. You can get around this problem by cleaning with fibre, which will cut through the grease and absorb the fat.