Dry Dusting Cloth


The cookie monster's greatest enemy as it magically attracts and holds hair, dust and crumbs

  • This unique fibre magically attracts and holds hair, dust and crumbs
  • Suitable for all smooth and structured surfaces throughout the household
  • Ideal for home, office and car 
  • Simply shake out after use or wash at 40°C 

Our Dry Dusting Cloth magically attracts and holds hair, dust and crumbs. Ideal for surfaces to be cleaned dry - it also shows all its skills on the breakfast table with breadcrumbs.

How To Use

Use the side with the long plush for optimal absorption of loose dirt in an s-shape. In order to use the entire surface of the cleaning cloth optimally for cleaning and to prevent re-soiling of surfaces that have already been cleaned, fold the dust cloth twice so that four cloth surfaces of the same size are created that can be used one after the other for surface cleaning. 

Where To Use

Can be used on all smooth and structured surfaces in the entire household. Ideally suited for use on high-gloss surfaces, cars and TV screens as well as oiled and varnished wooden furniture. Do not use on rough surfaces.

How Does It Work

The Dust Cloth is made from a large number of incredibly tiny and fluffy fibres, all of which are designed to attract even the smallest dust particles. The fibres are one hundred times finer than a single human hair, and as a result, they are able to capture dust. After use, you may either shake the fibre to remove the dust or clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Because it does not absorb moisture like our other fibres do, the dusting fibres need to be washed less frequently than our other products. When you're finished with some light dusting, simply shake or vacuum the fibre clean to prepare it for reuse. When you begin to observe that your Dust Cloth is starting to look less fluffy, this indicates that it has become saturated with dust and is ready to be cleaned.

What Is It Made Of

82% Polyester Microfiber / 18% Polyamide Microfiber

Size: 32 x 32 cm 

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

It effectively attracts and holds hair, dust, and crumbs without the need for harsh chemicals or disposable alternatives. Its unique fiber composition makes it suitable for all smooth and structured surfaces in your household, reducing the need for multiple cleaning products. Additionally, its reusable nature means less waste generated compared to single-use options. Simply shake out after use or wash at 40°C to maintain its effectiveness, further reducing environmental impact.


What some customers say?
"Had to replace the old one and this is high quality and reliable." Tony via Amazon Germany 

"Fantastic dusting cloth. I have two of them and use them almost every day to wipe down my surfaces. The cloth absorbs dust very well and even the fine hair of my dog. A friend put me onto these cloths as she has been using the dusting fibre for the floors as well. Love all my Ha-Ra products. Cleaning and dusting is very easy and takes no time at all." Ella via Facebook 

"I have just ordered my new hara (floor kit, multi purpose kit and a few other things) after using a different brand for many years. The quality is outstanding. I am sure these products will last much longer. Particularly the dusting fibre as a floor pad, cloth and glove are my favourites." Katherine via Facebook