Door Mat black


The robust fibers have a brush effect and absorb even the coarsest dirt. Dirt and moisture collect in the transverse grooves.

  • Dark stripes are used to clean like a brush
  • Dust and moisture can be soaked up by the lighter fibre
  • Backing: Anti-slip for safety
  • Put the doormat inside the entrance to the building 

The Ha-Ra Door Mats clean and dry shoes as they come into your house to cut down on the amount of dirt that gets brought in. They also catch pet hair and dirt as people come and go. They have a back that doesn't slip so they don't move around on tiles or other smooth surfaces. You can match the colours of your home and office by picking one of three options. The mats have shown how well they work in busy places like libraries and office buildings. This door mat is made up of strips of coarse and fine fibres. The remaining dirt is brushed away by the rough fibres. The fine fibres have a fine cleaning and sucking effect, like a cloth, and can also soak up water. Due to the way the fibres are put together, there is a lot more cleaning surface and more water can be absorbed. It doesn't take long for the mat to dry.

There are three sizes of the Ha-Ra doormat 

  • Small: 60 cm x 40 cm
  • Medium: 90 cm x 65 cm
  • Large: 90 cm x 200 cm

How to clean 
To clean your mat, hit it against something hard to get the dirt and dust off. For a deeper clean, you can vacuum it or spray it with a high-pressure hose. You can use mats both inside and outside. These door mats clean and dry shoes before they come into the house. This cuts down on the amount of dirt that gets tracked in. Most homes have mats outside made of coconut fibre, which breaks down and lets sand get underneath it. Whether you use it inside or outside, a mat is useful because it cleans your shoes and keeps dirt from getting into the house.

How it works:
The high-quality Ha-Ra door mats come in three different sizes and go well with your home's decor. We all know that functionality and style go together. The low profile is narrow enough to fit through your front door, and it won't get in the way when you open the door. It doesn't have any thick edges, which makes it look stunningly beautiful. The non-slip backing helps to keep the mat's toughness and texture so that it can stand up to Australia's wet and hot weather conditions. It will also be a good way to keep from slipping. Make sure the surface is dry before you use it. It can quickly scrape off any dirt, dust, grit, mud, slush, grass, or slush, and it can immediately soak up moisture from shoes, which helps keep your doorstep clean. It can be used for many things, including but not limited to home decor, an indoor front welcome mat and kitchen rug, a porch, living room, back doors, garden, garage, office, industrial, or commercial establishments that get a lot of foot traffic inside. The Ha-Ra door mats come in three different colours that go well with many different kinds of interior design. You can either hang it up or leave it out in the sun to dry once you cleaned it.