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Dish Cleaning Cloth
Washcloth for the Dishes
Wet-Dry Dish Towel

Dish Cleaning Cloth

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Reusable Dish Cleaning Cloth with an antibacterial finish

The dish cleaning cloth removes build up such as grease residues and baking crust. It also stays fresh for longer thanks to a durable antibacterial finish, which makes sure the cloth does not spread any unpleasant odours. It is handy as a sponge and at the same time so flexible that it fits in to small areas, openings and deep into the corners. It works hand in hand with the Protective Formula allowing the fibres to glide smoothly over the surface. 

  • Hygienic for stubborn dirt
  • Stays free of germs thanks to the antibacterial nano-silver finish
  • It has a good grip like a sponge, but is handy when it has to go through narrow openings
  • Simply rinse and dry after use or throw in the washing machine from time to time 
  • Ideal for pots, pans, glasses and cutlery 

75% polyester and 25% polyamide 

16 x 11,5 cm

How to use: 
All you need is water and a few drops of our ph-neutral Protective Formula as a degreaser. The ph-neutral detergent assists your fibres to glide smoothly over the surfaces while protecting the fibres. With this cloth you can not only clean dishes but also surfaces, rubbers of fridges and splash backs. We recommend to follow up with a Star Polishing Cloth or Brilliant Polishing Cloth for a streak-free result on shiny surfaces. The cloth is available in two different colours so you could keep one for heavily soiled items e.g. bbq items and one for glasses and silverware. 

Where to use: 
Developed for cleaning pots, pans, dishes, glasses, silverware and cutlery. Also ideal for cleaning kitchen worktops, soiled tableware, kitchen appliances, fridges, stainless steel, silverware or the grout between the tiles of a splashback. DEKRA (DEKRA is a European vehicle inspection company founded in Berlin, Germany in 1925) report confirmed: ideally suited for use on coated Teflon pans and high-quality, fine glasses. 

The Dish Cloth is designed with two different fibres that makes it absorbent while still being able to cut through the grease and grime with its fine little bristles. It's one-of-a-kind striped fibres have the ability to clean and absorb in one step. This cloth works wonderfully on grease and is extremely absorbent, allowing you to swiftly clean up any accidents. Through capillary action, extremely thin fibres mixed with water are able to remove dirt and bacteria from surfaces. After finishing any cleaning duties, make sure to give your fibre a good rinse and then hang it up to dry. If necessary, apply a small amount of Protective Formula to the fibre to rinse out any fat or grease. 

These fibres contain edges that lift and trap grease and grime. The dirt is only removed when the filament is washed under running water (can also be washed in a washing machine but without fabric softener or bleach). Cleaning with fibres is more of a mechanical process than a chemical one. The microscopically tiny fibres are able to penetrate even the tiniest indentations of a surface. If you have a clean and dry surface, bacteria can't grow. 


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