Cleaning Crate


Crate Hygiene

You are more efficient when you have the tools you need at the time you need them, make this the rule for your cleaning and have all your products in the Ha-Ra Cleaning Crate, organised and handy for when you need them. This is especially useful for cleaning your windows and screens around the house as you can carry a bottle of water in a compartment, so you can easily wet the window cleaner when needed. Place all your Ha-Ra cleaning equipment in the Cleaning Crate, store them here when you are not using them and carry the crate around while you are cleaning. 

  • With the help of this cleaning create, keep everything in one place.
  • One product, countless applications! This create provides an easy solution to access your daily demands, whether you need to store cleaning supplies or need a housekeeping tote for any space in your home or business. Consider the items you keep beneath the sink, vehicle wash supplies, tool storage, bathroom and shower cleaning supplies, home cleaning equipment, pool cleaners, motels, and a whole lot more.
  • Comfort handle allows you to carry this useful crate anywhere you choose.
  • Compartments with high edges to organise cleaning supplies and cloths. You have plenty of room to carry several tall goods because to the big handle. Creates can be stored when not in use by stacking them.
  • Broad, comfortable handle design

Areas to be used in:

  • Cleaning supplies, such as cloths. With all your supplies in just one create, you can quickly and effectively clean every restroom.
  • Sprays, lint rollers, cloths, and all of your laundry supplies are close at hand
  • Utensils, oils, salt- and pepper-shakers, napkins, and supplies from the kitchen. Have all of your essential kitchen necessities close at reach.
  • Towels, cutlery, napkins, all of your picnic necessities
  • Office and educational settings are excellent for keeping documents, pens, and pencils in a visible place.
  • The crate is your best buddy in the garden because all of your tools can stay close by as you walk around the yard all day.
  • Garage: Use a few crates to keep your tool cabinet organised!