Carnauba Natural Care 500ml


500ml Carnauba Natural Care

The Carnauba Natural Care seals the floors and security screens leaving a natural shine and prevents dirt from sticking to the surface, making it easier to clean each time you use it. Carnauba Natural Care is a 100% biodegradable wax containing no solvents, is self-drying and leaves a matte satin sheen after use. Weekly applications are recommended to maintain a consistent level of protection. Especially recommended for homes with young children or pets. 

Carnauba wax

How to use
Using the dosage bottle, dilute approximately 10ml of Ha-Ra Carnauba Natural Care in 5ltr of cold or lukewarm water. Apply using the floor pad appropriate for your floor type or the Green Glove for security screens. 

Where to use 
Carnauba Natural Care is recommended to clean security screens, marble floors, parquetry stone floors, tiled floors, timber floors and synthetic floors. 

  • PH value: 8-9; Dosage: 10ml / 5L
  • Care and protection for parquet, wooden floors, stone, marble, slab and plastic floors
  • The treated area is sealed (even against road salt and other environmental influences)
  • Solvent-free, 100% degradable
  • Caution: Danger of slipping when walking with stockings
  • Caution: Do not use on oiled floors

When used according to the instructions, no layer builds up. Floors are even easier to clean from time to time after wiping with Carnauba Natural Care Balm. The dirt no longer adheres so strongly to the surface and can be removed very easily with the dry fiber. Dosage: Add 10 ml (2 tablespoons) of natural care balm to 5 liters of water and clean with a suitable fibre. 

Please note: All fibres work with water only. The Protective Formula and Carnauba are just add-ons to maintain your fibres and surfaces. However, the actual cleaning task is done by the fibres alone. The Protective Formula is a ph-neutral detergent and works as a wetting agent, to care for you fibres and surfaces. It works brilliantly to clean your floors of any grease or grime e.g. kitchen or bathroom. Please make sure not to use too much of the Protective Formula, as its highly concentrated. 2-3 drops in a bucket of water are sufficient, otherwise you may experience streaks. The Carnauba is a maintenance product that seals your floors and can be used to care for your floors. 

Here are our suggestions to clean your floors quickly and safely: 

Step 1: Sweep the primary floor areas using the Dusting Floor Pad to remove surface dirt, dust, and pet hair. You may use the pad to dust out all of your kickboards and skirting boards, which are occasionally overlooked, by turning the floor device.

Step 2: Next, use the Hedgehog Soft Floor Pad to clean smooth tiled floors, bamboo, marble, linoleum, travertine, concrete, or slate with a little water. For wood floors, use the Mach 6 Floor Pad. Use the Green Pad or the Hedgehog Gold for outdoor flooring.

Utilize the White Long White Short Pad to dry the floor in Step 3. The pads need to be rinsed and squeezed in between wipes for a streak-free floor. Remember that you can't clean with a dirty cloth and that streaks can emerge when the cloth is either too wet or you use unclean pads.