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Blue Cleaning Cloth

The blue cleaning cloth is the perfect partner for the blue paste to remove difficult stains and stubborn marks. Keep these two together for quick and easy stain removal.

How to use
Use with the blue paste to clean difficult stains and marks. Wet the cloth slightly and then work in the blue paste to the stained area. Rinse after use, no further washing is required. Spread across the specific surface and rinse off with water.

Where to use
The Blue Cloth works in partnership with the Blue Cleaning Paste and is recommended for the following uses:

  • Surfaces: acrylic, aluminium, brass, ceramics, chrome, copper, crystal, enamel, glass, gold, silver, stainless steel, synthetics, tin.
  • Household: blinds, heating elements, kitchen furniture, outdoor furniture, plastic surfaces, shower cubicle, sinks, stove top, taps, tiles, toilets, window panes, car or caravan, roof, chrome (eg, tar stains, insects, lime, grease), commercial kitchens, hobby and leisure boots/skis/tennis and athletic shoes, trophies and musical instruments.


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