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Blue Cleaning Cloth

Blue Cleaning Cloth

GST included.

Tumbler Blue Washcloth

The blue cleaning cloth is the perfect partner for the blue paste to remove difficult stains and stubborn marks. Keep these two together for quick and easy stain removal. One side is the scrub fibre and supports the blue cleaning paste when polishing and cleaning, the other side is the Viva fibre and absorbs residues. 

How to use
Use with the blue paste to clean difficult stains and marks. Wet the cloth slightly and then work in the blue paste to the stained area. Rinse after use, no further washing is required. Spread across the specific surface and rinse off with water.

Where to use
The Blue Cloth works in partnership with the Blue Cleaning Paste and is recommended for the following uses:

  • Surfaces: acrylic, aluminium, brass, ceramics, chrome, copper, crystal, enamel, glass, gold, silver, stainless steel, synthetics, tin.
  • Household: blinds, heating elements, kitchen furniture, outdoor furniture, plastic surfaces, shower cubicle, sinks, stove top, taps, tiles, toilets, window panes, car or caravan, roof, chrome (eg, tar stains, insects, lime, grease), commercial kitchens, hobby and leisure boots/skis/tennis and athletic shoes, trophies and musical instruments.
  • For cleaning and polishing cutlery, jewellery, fittings and much more 
  • Stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, gold, silver, brass, copper and tins,
  • Sinks, tiles, ceramic and enamel, ceramic hobs and shower trays, glass and acrylic, white sports shoes, shutters, plastic window frames, garden furniture,
  • Apply the Blue Paste with one side, wipe with the other side.

The Ha-Ra® Blue Cloth is made of textile fabric which has been specifically designed to remove fat and grease. The fibre is synthetic and has been especially shrunk to make it porous. The fibre has also been designed to look like a fish hook to trap greases. 

Directions for Use
Moisten the Ha-Ra® Blue Cloth with water or two drops of protective formula in 2 litres of water - alternatively use it in combination with the Blue Paste. In circular motion collect the fat and grease with the cloth. Once the cloth is saturated with grease, wash off the grease using water with protective formula and rub the fibres together. The Protective Formula works well when cleaning fats. The Blue Paste works well on stainless steel to shine up sinks etc. It cleans up stainless steel pots and pans. 

Maintenance of the Fibres
Clean the cloth with running water using the Protective Formula or laundry soap. It is recommended to wash them in the washing machine weekly if constantly used to clean sinks. Do not bleach as the cloth will discolour because its fibres are highly porous.

What is the Blue Paste?
The Ha-Ra Blue Paste makes the surfaces of all metals and natural stones shine. It also comes into play when other cleaning products have given up, which is why we call it "miracle paste". The miraculous weapon that removes practically all tough dirt from almost all surfaces, even rust marks! Cleans, polishes, and preserves in a single step, and brings out the shine in all metals. Suitable for those who struggle with allergies and those who have sensitive skin. 

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