With the conventional cleaning methods and products from the supermarket you would end up with a selection of detergents and disinfectants in various spray bottles to cover shower recess, floors and hard water deposits. There is a magic bottle with a different smell for almost every cleaning issue available in the supermarket. Degreasers for oven or range hoods and kitchen cleaning sprays that are often followed by a disinfectant to sanitise the surface. However, after using a variety of different sprays, in the end you have a sticky sticky and often dull surface that may smell lovely, but is far from clean. Over and over again you use the sprays over the surface and all they do is make the surfaces stickier and grimier.

So, let’s have a look what is the actual definition of cleaning? Cleaning is the process of removing unwanted substances, such as dirt, bacteria, and other impurities, from an object or surface. To archive this a spray on the surface will not solve the problem. Often microfibres are much more effective to remove the unwanted substances from a surface with water only. No spray or chemical is required to achieve satisfying results on any surface plus you safe money for expensive refills in the long run.

Why are there so many different product on the market that are titled as “Must-Haves” when it comes to cleaning? Here are a few to mention:

  • All Purpose Surface Cleaner
  • Floor Cleaner for tiles
  • Spray Wipe Cleaners
  • Antibacterial Disinfectant
  • Toilet & Bathroom Spray
  • Glass & Window Spray
  • Air Fresheners
  • Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner
  • Furniture Polish

None of them are required to receive the best cleaning results as all you need is a cleaning system. This system consists of a variety of fibres to loosen the dirt and absorb it into the fabric so you have a totally clean and dry surface on which bacteria can’t grow.

Some cleaning tasks may require an acid or alkaline solution to assist you with the cleaning task. These can be helpful when it comes to greasy surfaces e.g. the kitchen or range hood where fat can sit on a surface or hard water deposits.

The Starter Cleaning Kit is made from our top fibres to give you a test run of their effectiveness. It is made up of two Gloves, and a powerful microfibre cloth which is called a Star Polishing Cloth. It’s weave is so fine that it easily absorbs residue from a surface, leaving nothing behind. Often copies of this cloth have a very large weave and structure, which is an example for a low-quality cloth, that will not withstand many washes.

The Starter Cleaning Kit features the effective Ultra Fibre which is one of the smallest fibres on the market with 19.5 million fibres on one side. It traps the water between the dirt particles and surface. Each fibre type and character has a particular task to clean. Some of them are designed to loosen the grime from a surface, some of them are designed to absorb. For most cleaning tasks a combination of both is required. The stiffer and sharper- edged fibres are designed for really tough grime. The combination of synthetic fibres with a nano fibre are designed for softer and more sensitive surfaces like your shiny kitchen cupboards or marble benchtops. In some cases the the fibres create a static electricity for dust- free cleaning, which is very handy for louvres or shutters.

The Cleaning Gloves and Cloths from the Starter Cleaning Kit are a mixture of polyester and polyamide fibres. The polyester fibres bind to fat and grease which is why the Star Polishing Cloth can attract light grease to the fibres and will not smear it around. The Star Polishing Cloth can also absorb the moisture into the fabric with its capillary action. Most low-quality microfibre cloths will not absorb the water, hence this is a highly-functional cleaning cloth from the Starter Cleaning Kit.

The Starter Cleaning Kit has also a degreasing Gloves included. The Ultra Cleaning Glove has a sturdy strong polyamide fibre that is arranged with high pressure heat tentacles. The longer cellulose fibre of these split fibres are then woven on to the textile. The fibre of the Ultra Cleaning Glove sucks up grease and water by using a light physical action and the fibres penetrate the surface, attracting the grease from any surface like range hoods, stoves, bbqs, bench tops, shower recess. It also tackles all areas where grime and grease is present. It works brilliantly on the build up on car glass window screens, which is the reaction from the heat and the upholstery in your car causing a film over the wind screen. Using the Ultra Cleaning Glove and water only these fibres will agitate mechanically like a micro fine scrubbing brush. This process will bring the grime to the surface as the Starter Cleaning Kit works as a system. The other side of the glove will absorb the residue brought to the top of the surface to give a complete and crystal clear finish. You can dry-off with the Star Polish Cloth on shiny surfaces like glass or mirrors. Leading kitchen stone bench top companies recommend the Ultra Cleaning Glove as it comes with a guarantee that the surface will not be damaged or scratched while not using any form of cleaning detergent.

With the Starter Cleaning Kit you will avoid putting a slimy film on the surface or make the surface dull. If you are using the mechanical fibre range from the Starter Cleaning Kit the surface will be shiny and totally free of bacteria as no residue will be left behind once cleaned and dried off.

Mechanical fibre cleaning is more than a micro fibre cloth. In the cleaning world professionals often work with an acid, alkaline and ph neutral detergent. To assist the Starter Cleaning Kit it is recommended to maintain the fibres with the ph neutral detergent. This ph neutral detergent is called Protective Formula and is used to enhance the effectiveness of the fibres. The Starter Cleaning Kit with the ph neutral detergent is specifically designed to help the fibres with the cleaning and maintenance process. It also assists as a wetting agent which holds the water in the fibres longer and allows the grease to emulsify on the Ultra Cleaning Glove. It also helps to change the tension of the fibres to release the grease or fat when you run the Glove under running water. It is recommended to apply a very small amount with the Rollfix bottle or some sunlight laundry soap when you have absorbed a lot of grease and grime into your Ultra Cleaning Glove from an oven or bbq.

The Protective Formula comes in a Roll-on bottle in the Starter Cleaning Kit. It is extremely environmentally-friendly. It is produced from raw materials taken from plants and 99% bio-degradable. In accordance with the test from a Swiss Ingredients Check and the EMPA Material testing and research Agency the Protective Formula in the Starter Cleaning Kit contains absolutely no preservatives. It is highly concentrated meaning it is used sparingly thanks to the roll-on function of the bottle. One drop to 2 litres of water are sufficient. You can also dilute the formula with water and spray it directly on to the Cleaning Glove. The principle is, the dirtier the surface, the more water you require. The Protective Formula Rollfix is very popular with clients as it can be used to remove stains with out leaving a water mark. You can also use it in conjunction with the Cleaning Gloves to treat stains on the upholstery on your car, carpets, leather lounge or textile furniture.

Another item of the Starter Cleaning Kit is the popular Green Cleaning Glove for dirt and mould. It is the best Glove to remove mould, dust, dirt and sand.  The Green Cleaning Glove from the Starter Cleaning Kit has a uniquely manufactured fibre which has a patent. The secret of the fibre has never been disclosed and many companies have tried to copy it without success. All we know is that the fibres have been special shrunk using a heat process and placed on a heavy denier. These tough fibres have then been specially woven into the polyamide fabric which gives the Green Cleaning Glove a strong endurance to be re-used over and over again. This powerful Cleaning Glove is a valuable tool in the Starter Cleaning Kit and it has been recommended by leading security screen companies e.g. Crimsafe to clean screens, runners and tracks not to mention commercial cleaning companies and franchises.

We all know that garbage bins attract a lot of grime and dust hence forming mould. The Green Cleaning Glove is ideal for this job. While just using water it will suck the mould into the fabric. It is also recommended when you are cleaning down pipes or it is used as a prep for painters eliminating chemicals e.g. sugar soap. Many clients use the Green Cleaning Glove to remove dust and grime on window ledges, cleans cars or even gutters and garage doors. Some local councils use the Green Cleaning Glove to clean the council rubbish bins to remove the soot. The Starter Cleaning Kit is used by various commercial cleaning companies as it is long lasting and comes with a 3-part guarantee that it works.


The fibres surrounding the Starter Cleaning Kit were developed by a professional cleaner in Germany with the name Hans Raab in the 1970. He was disgusted with the limitations and hazards in the cleaning industry already back then. He wanted to develop a mechanical and chemical free cleaning system by using mechanical fibres to clean 98% of all surfaces.

The three different fibres of his initial invention are part of the Starter Cleaning Kit. These fibres have been developed for different purposes, cleaning loose dirt, and grease, picking up quantities of dirt and sand, polishing and absorbing.

The physical - mechanical action of these fibres requires minimum pressure when cleaning hence no elbow grease and water only. It completely eliminates the need for various cleaning different detergents that are normally stored under the sink. We all know that these sprays can be absorbed through the lungs and skin into our bodies and can make us sick. The Starter Cleaning Kit is a fantastic way to try the cleaning power of these patented fibres. There is also a Starter Floor Cleaning Kit available which tackles all your Floor Cleaning needs.