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Starter Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit
Cleaning Kit

Our Starter Cleaning Kit includes the Green Cleaning Glove for dirty areas (Screens, Outdoors, Cars) and our Ultra Cleaning Glove for smooth surfaces in Kitchens & Bathrooms plus the high-quality Star Polishing Cloth to dry off and leave a streak-free finish! 

This Kit comes with the following products 

  • Green Cleaning Glove 
  • Ultra Cleaning Glove 
  • Star Polishing Cloth 
  • Protective Formula Rollfix 

For really dirty, rough surfaces: the screen and window tracks dirt buster. This cleaning glove can handle any tough job you can think of, just add water. If there are large amounts of dirt add extra water, no chemicals needed. 

With an easy wipe, remove stubborn dirt, grease and heavy buildup on smooth and hard surfaces with the Ultra Cleaning Glove. 

Super-absorbent cleaning and polishing is achieved with the Star Polishing Cloth. It works like a chamois, used dry or damp on smooth surfaces, and delivers a streak-free and smooth finish. The Star Polish Cloth is great to spot clean glass doors, mirrors and all lightly soiled surfaces. Even stainless steel.

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Cleaning Kit
Cleaning Kit